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Spokane girl needs new kidney

Anna Copley is a 14-year-old Lewis and Clark High freshman, she has been fighting for her life since she was a baby. A serious illness as an infant left Anna's kidneys slowly deteriorating.

Her dad, John Copley, said he doesn't think Anna has ever really known what it's like to feel good.

"She was fine until she got into about 4th grade. The doctor came in after doing lab work and said, this is the news we didn't want to hear," said John.

For the past four years Anna has gotten by on various medications, until February of this year. She progressed to stage 5 kidney failure and started hours of dialyses every Monday and Friday. The bottom line, she needs a new kidney.

"I was the oldest and I wanted to be the one to give her a kidney. This is like the least I could do," said her brother, Andrew Copley.

"It's amazing and when I was diagnosed in 4th grade that was the first thing he said was that he was going to be the one to give me my kidney," said Anna Copley.

Anna has had to sacrifice a lot at such a young age. From giving up her favorite foods, to missing out on Andrew's wedding.

STA Plaza renovation delayed

The STA�board announced in May a $4.7 million�renovation on the Plaza, but it may be some time before riders actually see those changes.

Plans to renovate the�STA Plaza have been in place since 2008 but the down economy delayed the process.

Now the delay continues, at least for another three months according to Steve Stevens, CEO of Greater Spokane Inc.

"We felt strongly that it would be in the best interest of the community if we just took a little more time to evaluate the project in terms of does it really meet some of the goals of what the reconstruction was to do," said Stevens.

Stevens said�one of those goals, get people off the street.

"Currently some of the activity that goes on around it is by folks who are not really here to use transit," said Stevens. �

Stevens said there is a history of people loitering outside the Plaza and nearby establishments hindering business, as well as�using the facilities for illegal activities.

Ashley Paulus frequents the�STA Plaza, she said she wished the plaza felt more inviting.

"It's pretty bad sometimes but it all depends on the people," said Paulus.�

License plate readers target parking ticket holders

Spokane has a new high-tech tool to find people with unpaid parking tickets. Parking enforcement officers will now be outfitted with the same technology used by the Spokane Police Department to find stolen vehicles.

A new parking enforcement vehicle will be driving around Spokane with an automatic license plate reader. Cameras on the car scan license plates and check the numbers against the data base of unpaid tickets. Cars with multiple tickets will get the boot.

The Spokane Police Department is already using license plate reader technology to find stolen cars. The cameras feed passing plates to a data base of missing vehicles faster than you can snap your fingers.

?It's really just an extra set of eyes for us, it's capturing images of license plates for us that there's just no way we could run all those license plates,? said officer Glenn Bartlett.

The license plate reader also keep tabs on which cars are parked in free, one hour zones and can tattle on drivers who plug meters in two hour spots. But most of all, it's looking for long-time parking scofflaws who didn't take advantage of a 60 days amnesty program to clear up their tickets.

Working 4 you: How to make telemarketers stop calling

We all know how difficult it can be to deal with telemarketers, and sometimes it feels like they'll never stop calling you back. But now, former telemarketer Erica Elson is speaking out, sharing her secrets in the August issue of Reader's Digest.�

Elson says it's easy to get callers off your back if you know what not to do.�

First, she says not to just hang up. Ignoring the call or hanging up mid-conversation will only put your name right back on the call list.�

She also says not to engage the telemarketer, even to explain why you're not interested. Elson says any conversation opens the door to another sales pitch.

She adds to never tell telemarketers to call you back, because they will.�

"Even if you say something like 'I'm in the middle of dinner,' that means 'oh I shouldn't call at 6 p.m., so I'll try them in the morning,'" said Elson.�

So, if you want telemarketers to stop calling, Elson says to politely ask to be added to the "do not call" list. Asking to be added to the list will ensure that company stops calling you.�

Spokane loses to Alabama city to host world horseshoe competition

Alabama has a ringer in Montgomery, which has won its bid to host the World Horseshoe Tournament.

City officials on Thursday announced that the tournament will be held at the Cramton Bowl Multiplex in Montgomery in July 2016.

The Montgomery Advertiser reports that Montgomery was one of several cities vying for the competition, presented by the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association.

Kay McCreery, the city's special recreation programs director, said the final choice came down to Montgomery and Spokane, Washington, before Montgomery landed the event.

The 2014 tournament is taking place in Buffalo, New York.

Dawn Hathcock, vice president of the Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce's Visitors and Convention Bureau, said about 2,000 people are expected to visit for a two-week period around the time when the event is held.

Working 4 You: Storm damage insurance

Hundreds of people across the inland northwest spent the day on the phone with insurance companies, trying to determine coverage in light of Wednesday's massive storm. Even if you escaped the damage, it's a good time to understand what insurance will and will not cover in a storm like this.

A huge part of what makes our region such a great place to live is the abundance of pine trees. But, that's also what puts us and our property at risk. That's why the Northwest Insurance Council sent us some information today, encouraging us to go out and inspect our property. Even if the damage is minor, it's better to report it now and make sure it's covered.

When it comes to your home, your insurance will cover damage from wind and falling trees, even if the trees came from your neighbor's property. Insurance will also cover the cost to remove the trees that fall on buildings.