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4 things to know for May 4

Bloomsday winners: Thousands gathered in Downtown Spokane yesterday for the 39th annual Lilac Bloomsday Run. The women's elite crown went to Cynthia Limo of Kenya. It was her first win. And on the men's side, the victory went to Lani Rutto, who finished in 34 minutes and 22 seconds. It was his first win in Spokane as well, making it a Kenyan Sweep of the men's and women's elite titles.

Bloomsday business: The thousands of racers heading to Spokane means millions of dollars for the city's economy. The average runner will bring in about $242. That money goes to things like hotels, travel and vendors. With the cleanup underway in Downtown, vendors are hoping this is a sign of what's to come as the summer event season begins to ramp up. The next big event, Hoopfest, is just 54 days away.

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Plan ahead before Bloomsday

To make your Bloomsday morning a little easier, plan ahead.

On Sunday morning, parking will be available at the arena and dozens of lots downtown.

Organizers urge you to carpool to reduce congestion, Spokane transit will offer its popular Bloomsday shuttle which operates from four satellite locations.

Pack light, and come dressed ready to run. There is nowhere to stash your stuff.

Organizers said the best step you can take to prepare yourself is to make sure you get physically and mentally ready the night before the run.

"Get hydrated today," said Bloomsday Race Director Don Kardong. "Have plenty of water today so you're full. That's the biggest thing especially because tomorrow is going to be a warm day and there is water all along the course but it's best if you come to the starting line topped off, so that's the biggest thing."

Race organizers said it's best to try to pace yourself because the course is hilly, and you want enough steam to make it up "Doomsday Hill."

The race starts in waves. The first at 8:40 a.m. Entrants will start at intervals after that. That will be determined tomorrow morning.

Major student housing project in the U-District moves forward

Major student housing project in the U-District moves forward

A large-scale student housing project at 940 N. Ruby Street in Spokane's University District is set to break ground next Tuesday. This project will provide housing for more than 213 students attending Gonzaga University and other universities in the area who seek the convenience of next-to-campus living. Construction is set to be completed in July 2016 and the building will be ready for occupancy in the fall of 2016, just in time for fall term.


The project owners, Larry Simon and David Schneider have formed 940 Ruby, LLC to develop the project. The architect is Jay S. Crawford, AIA, a California-based firm, and the contractor is Baker Construction of Spokane. Umpqua Bank is the project's lender. The property is managed by Black Realty Management Inc.


Located along the west edge of the Gonzaga University campus, the six-story building will provide 61 apartment suites comprised of 3 and 4 bedroom layouts for a total of 213 rooms available to rent. It will total 79,455 square feet of livable space. The apartments are geared toward undergraduate and graduate students who seek the amenities and benefits a property of this caliber will offer.

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4 things to know for May 1

Spokane house fire: A house fire on the corner of Nelson and Wabash forced people from their home just before 3:00 a.m. this morning. Firefighters arrived to find smoke and flames coming from the rear of the house and kept the fire from spreading beyond the attic. Everyone got out safely. Neighbors say the fire may have started under suspicious circumstances, but firefighters could only confirm the fire started outside the house. An investigation is ongoing.

Measles in Spokane: With a second case of the measles in Spokane, many people are wondering if they are immune to the virus and if they need to get vaccinated. To find out if you're immune, you'll have to get a blood test. That can be done with a health care provider or through PAML. Most people receive results the next day. The Spokane Regional Health District is encouraging anyone who isn't immune to get the MMR vaccine as soon as possible.

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4 things to know for April 30

Measles in Spokane: A second case of the measles in an unvaccinated adult has been confirmed in Spokane. The health district says that person was in close contact with the first person diagnosed with measles in the city. The Spokane Regional Health District announced it is monitoring more than 50 unvaccinated people who may have come in contact with the two patients. To find out the locations where this latest individual spent time, including Madeleine's Cafe and Winco, and to see a list of measles symptoms, read the Full Story.

STA's Prop. 1: It appears STA's Proposition 1 is being shot down by voters. Among other things, the proposition aimed to expand bus routes and services by raising the sales tax three-tenths of one percent. But Prop. 1 is being rejected by less than one percent. The Spokane County Auditor says there are only 300 ballots left to count. STA says they do not plan to ask for a recount.

Spokane named one of the 15 Best Cities for Newlyweds

Spokane named one of the 15 Best Cities for Newlyweds


The first year of marriage is said to be full of bliss, and according to one website, newlyweds in Spokane have more reason to be blissful.


Spokane made DatingAdvice.com's list of 15 Best Cities for Newlyweds. The website cites finding a place to live as one of the most important decisions newlyweds are faced with. The article's author took into consideration overall affordability, entertainment, housing, and employment opportunities to compile the list.


"With the saying 'Near Nature. Near Perfect,' Spokane, Washington is a fantasy made real for couples who love the outdoors and the arts," the article says.


Additionally, the article cites Spokane as having some of the best libraries, parks, schools and realty around.


Tulsa, Okla., Santa Monica Calif., and  Berkley, Mich. round out the list's top three cities. The full article can be found HERE.