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West to host career fairs to hire 100 new employees in Spokane

West to host career fairs to hire 100 new employees in Spokane

West, a CRM solution provider,  announced Monday they will host career fairs at both their downtown Spokane and Spokane Valley locations to hire 100 Customer Care Associate positions. Both on site career fairs will be held on Thursday, February 19th between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The downtown Spokane career fair will be located at 157 S. Howard Street. The Spokane Valley career fair will be located at 9317 E Sinto Avenue.


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Fellow Coworking helps foster creativity and innovation in Spokane


Cities like Spokane are the perfect place to breathe life into innovative ideas, and coworking spaces are the perfect place to make those ideas a reality. At least that's what Luke Baumgarten and Benji Wade of Fellow Coworking believe.


In a way, bringing a coworking space to Spokane is innovative in itself. While coworking has found great success in many cities around the world, finding traction in Spokane has been a slower process.


“I think there's a potentially pretty big slice of the market here that we could have access to that would be interested in coworking in general, and Fellow specifically. But because they don't know what coworking is, it's not even on their radar,” Baumgarten said.


Coworking is a global phenomenon reinventing the way individuals work. To simply put it, a coworking space is a place professionals pay to work in. For these professionals- typically freelancers or telecommuters- coworking spaces are an alternative to the basements, couches, or crowded coffee shops with unreliable Wi-Fi they'd otherwise work at.


Working 4 you: Healthy tips for dining out

For many Americans, eating out isn't just a treat anymore. Research shows, on average, Americans eat out close to five times a week. But, that doesn't mean you have to totally bus your diet.�

Government surveys have found that food we make at home is nutritionally better than food we eat when dining out. But there are some way to watch your calorie intake during a night out.�

First, ask to skip the bread and butter basket that comes before your meal. Experts say the quality of bread in most restaurants is not very good and fills you with unwanted calories. Instead, if you need something to munch on, ask for raw veggies.�

Also, when ordering a salad, get the dressing on the side. Instead of drowning your lettuce, dip each bite. You'll be surprised how flavorful is still is and how much dressing is unused when you're done.�

And don't be afraid to ask for meals to be cooked the way you would like them. If you find something you want, but the meal is friend, ask for it to be grilled or try asking for less meat and more vegetables on the side. You'll find most restaurants are more than happy to oblige.�

Working 4 you: Avoiding tax fraud

With a couple months left to get your taxes filed, fraudsters are hard at work getting their hands on your personal information, and the number of major hacks in the past year have made it that much easier.

In the last year, hackers managed to steal more than 6.5 million social security numbers, and with the recent hack at Anthem, this year's number could be even higher.

And those social security numbers are going straight to the black market. CNN reports that according to agents working undercover, it costs only $3-$5 to purchase a SSN with a name attached. Those two pieces of information is all that's needed to file a false tax return. Scammers can easily put in fake numbers from a forged W2.

Once that tax return is stolen, it's not going to be easy to get back. After your refund is stolen, the IRS freezes it, and investigation are so backed up that the government says the average wait time to clear things up is 120 days.

Fraudsters also like to use easily available tax preparation software, then deposit the refunds on to prepaid debit cards.

So what can you do to protect yourself?

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Cold case takes SCSO detectives to San Diego

Last year, a woman's body found in the Spokane river left detectives with more questions than answers. Now, they're hoping the public will help solve the case.

"We're down here in San Diego investigating the death of a 61-year-old female by the name of Maria Guadalupe Vega," said Detective Justin Elliott with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office.

Vega's body was discovered in the Spokane River in January of last year. The sheriff's office didn't know who she was, where she came from or why she died. They weren't even sure why she was in Spokane. It doesn't appear like anyone in San Diego does either.

"Right now we're looking for the public's help for really determining who she was, any family members, we're still looking for a next of kin," said Elliott.

They were able to find out some brief details about Vega's life.

"We've talked to a handful of people that know her. We do know that she would frequent Tijuana and travel back and forth and also work in San Diego as a nanny," said Elliott.

Her last known whereabouts were in Encinitas, where she lived with someone else.

Working 4 you: Getting the cheapest flight

When planning a trip, everyone wants to get the cheapest price on airfare, and according to an article on CNN, a new study suggests to do so, you should book your flight weeks in advance.�

Cheapair.com analyzed nearly 5 million trips last year and found the cheapest price for airfare was 47 days ahead of departure date. They looked at prices for flights from 320 days in advance, up until the day before a flight.�

According to the site, the best time to book your flight is about one to four months ahead of when you leave. They also found the lowest price for a ticket changed around 70 times when it was for sale, so you're likely never going to pay the same amount for a flight as the person next to you.�

When fliers booked on the day ticket prices were at their cheapest, they saved an average of $201. While there is no way to know for sure if you're getting the cheapest price, it's clear that procrastination doesn't work.

People who bought their tickets within two weeks of their departure date ended paying around $111 more. That number went up to $174 more if the flight was booked just one week before leaving.�

Missing Spokane teen identified as Arizona cold case victim

A girl went missing from Spokane when she was just 16. Now 28 years later, a family finally has closure after learning their loved one was murdered in Arizona.

Investigators say DNA evidence identified a murder victim found in 1987 as Deanna Lee Criswell.

At 16, she left home to chase after her boyfriend.

"Her boyfriend Bill had sent her a bus ticket and she was going to go to Arizona and live with him," said Deanna's sister Debbie Renn.

Besides one phone call to say she was safe, no one ever heard from her again.

"She was just a sweet kid with a wild streak. You know, and they're wasn't a lot of parental involvement, and you know we were making our own decisions," said Deanna's step brother Scott Wing.

For nearly three decades, Renn hopes Deanna had changed her name and was living another life elsewhere.

"I was so hoping I would be able to see her again someday. That we would find her alive and well somewhere," said Renn.

But the family heard nothing.