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Stolen gun recovered, returned after 32 years

Stolen gun recovered, returned after 32 years

A gun stolen 32 years ago on the other side of the state has finally been returned to it's owner after popping up on Craigslist.

On July 15, a Stevens County Reserve Deputy found the gun posted for sale in Medical Lake and was interested in buying it. However after he ran the serial number, he found the Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver had been stolen in Tacoma back in 1982.

Detective Dave Knechtel contacted the Tacoma Police Department and confirmed the revolver had been stolen during a burglary in 1982. He also contacted the Craigslist seller who says he purchased the revolver near Tacoma about six months ago and had no idea it was stolen.

Detective Knechtel was able to track down the original owner of the revolver who was extremely surprised it had been found and happy it was not used in a crime. The weapon has since been returned to him.

Local Pony league baseball champs head to California

Local Pony league baseball champs head to California

A plucky group of 10-year-old boys are preparing to hop on a plane and head down to California to represent Washington as the regional Pony League Baseball champions!

All 11 kids have been involved with Spokane Indians Youth Baseball who united the Pony, Baby Ruth and Spokane Youth Sports Association leagues under one umbrella. After the regular season was over, try-outs were held for the all-star team and just a few weeks later the hard hitters swept the Mustang Northwest Regional Championship, winning all 11 games.

Since then, they've been working hard at Albertsons grocery stores around Spokane, asking for donations to help them make the trip to Anaheim.

“The money will help pay for their hotel room,” said Stephanie Erickson, the mother of one of the players. “The Pony organization books flights, which the parents pay half of, and this will help cover expenses like hotel rooms, food and other incidentals. We have a couple of families driving down with equipment to save on expenses like checking bat bags.”

Spokane adding 225 more parking meters

The city of Spokane is installing 225 more parking meters along the edges of downtown near hospitals and Lewis and Clark High School.

The Spokesman-Review reports the city expects to collect up to $50,000 a year from the new meters.

Residents with meters near their homes may be able to buy a $25 monthly pass.

Working 4 you: Saving on back-to-school costs

Working 4 you: Saving on back-to-school costs

It's late July, and that means stores and families are already thinking about back-to-school, ready or not. And families are expected to spend more on their children this year.

Retailers are estimating families with grade-school children will spend an average of just over $669 this year on back-to-school expenses. That's a total of $26.5 billion, according to an annual survey by the National Retail Federation.

Spending has increased five percent per household from a year ago.

There's also an increase as school districts are asking families to provide more of their own classroom supplies, with spending on those items increasing 12 percent.

As you can imagine, students will spend the most on the necessary electronics. Likely, families will spend more than $212 on average on needed electronic items.

And this year, shoppers are hitting stores early.

Two thirds of those surveyed said they'll start at least three weeks early, some saying they're getting a two-month head start. And families say they're hitting the stores early, hoping to get the best deals.

Spokane residents donate water, generators to Carlton Complex fire victims

Some of the hardest hit towns in Central Washington will have a tough road ahead even after the Carlton Complex has come and gone, and that's where people from our area are stepping up to give them a helping hand.

At the Dutch Bros. coffee stand at 2nd and Washington Monday morning, community members were rallying to bring those affected by the Carlton Complex fire two things they need more than anything else: Power and water.

Dean Keifer was one of those that came out. He's had his generator sitting in his basement, unused, for more than two decades.

?If it started I would bring it down and so it started on the second pull believe it or not and so here it is,? he said.

He understands there's a chance he may not get it back. If he does who knows what condition it will be in. Dean doesn't care.

?Looking at those fires there is nothing you can get out of them it's just reduced to rubble and that, that touched me," he said.

The Bickett Building to give downtown a boost

The Bickett Building to give downtown a boost

From the outside, The Bickett looks like many buildings outside – old, brick and in need of a little TLC. On the inside, however, developer Jed Conklin and his band of construction workers have transformed the one-time hotel (and rumored brothel) into a streamlined work of art.

Standing at the bannister of the second floor, Conklin says they had a lot of work ahead of them when they first walked in.

“The entire building was open and full of pigeons,” he said. “The droppings were ankle deep in places, and the rain was pouring in.”

Amazingly, Conklin was able to salvage the original floors, now scraped clean and polished to a smooth finish without even a creak to give away its century of history. The original floor plans are still visible in the wood, outlining the four single-occupancy rooms that now make up each apartment.

“We wanted to save as much as we could,” Conklin explained. “Even the shelves are made of recycled lumber from somewhere else in the building.”