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Beardvertising offers new twist on the billboard

Beardvertising offers new twist on the billboard

The beard has made a comeback in recent years, what was once considered the mark of bikers and woodsmen is seeing a resurgence with gentlemen across the country. Even the world of advertising has caught onto the bearded lifestyle with billboards that attach directly to a man's prized facial hair.


Eric Bandholz started growing his beard in May in 2011. He was originally aiming to grow his facial locks for a year. It's been two years since his face has seen the sun and Bandholz has fully embraced what he calls the urban beardsman lifestyle.


When Bandholz heard rumor of beardboards through his bearded brothers he entered his six inch long, red beard for consideration. He was one of about 25 people selected to wear Beardvertising's beardboards, patent pending, and Bandholz has been having a blast with it.


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Spokane area residents can help battle cancer

Spokane area residents can help battle cancer

This is your chance to actively participate in the fight against cancer.  As the American Cancer Society celebrates its 100th birthday, the organization hopes the Spokane community will step up and celebrate by participating in a historic cancer prevention research study.

In the Spokane region, the ACSociety is looking for 500 participants for the Cancer Prevention Study-3 (CPS-3). The study will give researchers a better understanding of cancer causes and prevention. Qualified participants include local men and women between the ages of 30 and 65 from various racial/ethnic backgrounds with no personal diagnosis of cancer.

Out of cash, Cancer Patient Care ceases operations

Cancer Patient Care, which has been in financial trouble for several months now, has suspended operations due to declining funding.

Dr. Arvind Chaudhry, president of the board for Cancer Patient Care, confirmed the board voted to suspend operations at a June 28 meeting. A sign on the door at their offices indicates they ceased operations July 1.

Chaudhry confirmed it came down to the organization's funding. They were not receiving enough donations or grants to continue operations.

Last November the organization was in dire financial straits and at the time, executive director Melissa Halverson said their options were to file for bankruptcy, close their doors or receive a major influx of donations to keep their operations going.

Since then, they moved their offices, cut their staff but were not able to remain solvent in order to continue treating the 400 clients they serve every month.

Dr. Chaudhry said he is recommending their clients to visit other non-profit organizations or cancer treatment centers for assistance.

Ricin trial pushed back to 2014

Matthew Buquet, the man suspected of sending Ricin-laced letters to President Obama and a federal judge, found out Tuesday his trial date has been pushed back to next year.

Buquet and his attorney waved a right to speedy trial because of the amount of evidence they still need to go through.

In court Tuesday, Buquet remained calm while constantly pouring and drinking water as his attorneys told the court they are still in the discovery stage where they get to view the evidence against their client. It's a process that could last until September.

The federal search warrant executed at Buquet's Browne's Addition apartment in May is still sealed, but in court prosecutors said the digital evidence alone may take days to explain to a jury.

The judge and attorneys agreed the case may last more than two weeks, so a trial date was set for May 5, 2014.

Buquet faces charges of mailing a threatening communication to a federal judge, mailing threatening communication to the president, and developing, producing, and transferring a biological toxin.

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City ordinance allows public venues to ban guns

Spokane's city council has voted to give local stadiums and auditoriums the authority to ban weapons at public events.

The ordinance is not a reaction to mass shootings or a new crackdown on gun rights. What the new ordinance specifically does is authorize the public facilities district to keep people from carrying in a gun into, for example, a Spokane Shock game or a rock concert.

An existing state law already allows Spokane Arena and Joe Albi managers to keep weapons out of large public events. The ordinance passed Monday night simply means the city council also recognizes the public facilities district's power to ban weapons the same way the restrict bringing in liquor bottles and cameras.

"So what we ended up doing is following through with some housekeeping in an administrative change, bring to our code in line with the state law and that's exactly what we did last night," Spokane City Councilman Mike Fagan said.

The new ordinance means even people with concealed weapons permits are not permitted to carry their weapons into these venues.

Healthy snacks now available at Spokane parks

Healthy snacks now available at Spokane parks

The Spokane Park Board is making it easier for families to grab a healthy snack while on the go. In addition to healthy options at park concession stands, Riverfront Park has added new healthy vending machines.

The healthy vending machines are located in the Riverfront Park Pavilion lobby and have options ranging from crunchy snacks, to natural cookies as well as protein bars and shakes. Prices range from $1-$3. There are two machines, one by the front door and one just outside the IMAX entrance.

Healthy eating is also encouraged across the park at the Riverfront Fountain Cafe. Not only do they offer salads and flat bread options for adults, but there are kid friendly options too. Kids can enjoy apple sauce and juice instead of soda and turkey dogs instead of regular hotdogs.

The Captain of the Wizard is in town

The Captain of the Wizard is in town

Tuesday night in the Epic room a man with the Deadliest job and the tastiest catch.

Join Capt. Keith Colburn of the Wizard on his return voyage to Northern Quest. Special seafood menu options, giveaways and videos on the EPIC 30' x '10 HDTV!

The event starts at 6pm with introductions, a showing of the latest Deadliest Catch featuring the Wizard then Question and Answer period till 8pm.

Free Admission/Seating is limited