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PETA offers tips for pet care in heavy snow

PETA offers tips for pet care in heavy snow


There are several things to consider when Mother Nature dumps a half-foot of snow on the area.

PETA sent out several tips Monday for pet owners and animal-conscious citizens, because “dogs and other animals can suffer from frostbite and exposure, and they can become dehydrated when water sources freeze.”

Here are some of PETA's tips:

  • Keep animals indoors. This is absolutely critical when it comes to puppies and kittens, elderly animals, small animals, and dogs with short hair, including pointers, beagles, pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Doberman pinschers. Short-haired animals will also benefit from a warm sweater or a coat on walks.

Spokane mayor declares Stage One emergency

Spokane mayor declares Stage One emergency

Spokane Mayor David Condon declared a Stage One emergency Monday morning, meaning snow removal crews will stay in full-force 24 hours a day to plow.

The mayor made the declaration at 6 a.m. Monday. Crews will be out plowing, sanding and de-icing all arterials, STA fixed bus routes, and all streets in the city's residential hill routes.

Vehicles must be moved from all arterials and STA fixed bus routes by 11 a.m. Monday. People also must park vehicles on the even side of the street in the residential hill areas by 6 p.m. Monday.

Marlene Feist, with the City of Spokane, said as of 9:30 a.m. Monday, there were 50 pieces of snow removal equipment working to plow streets. The arterials were being worked and crews were starting to plow residential hill routes. Crews started plowing hills in the Indian Trail neighborhood, on Five Mile and on in Eagle Ridge.

To see a map of snow plow routes, click here.

To see a snow plow progress map, click here.

A Cardiac Event

A Cardiac Event


An Event by definition

A: something that happens

B: a noteworthy happening

C: a social occasion or activity

D: an adverse or damaging medical occurrence < a heart attack or other medical event>

So three out of four seems like fu, but it was option D that hit me on October 24th during a live appearance in Post Falls.

What I thought was a piece of pizza going down the wrong pipe or severe heartburn ended up being the only notice or invitation to my "event."

Snow causes messy morning commute in Inland Northwest

Several inches of snow fell in Eastern Washington Sunday night and into Monday morning, causing a messy morning commute.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for Eastern Washington and North Idaho. The warning is in effect until around 1 p.m. Monday for the Spokane area and it will expire at 4 p.m. Monday for North Idaho.

The National Weather Service said between 2 and 5 inches will fall in the valleys and between five and ten inches is expected in the mountains.

Dozens of schools were closed or had late starts on Monday due to the snow. To see a full list of closures and late starts, click here.

A major trouble spot for many drivers was I-90 at the Argonne exit. According to Washington State Patrol, around 5:30 a.m., a tanker truck was driving westbound when it jack-knifed. Multiple vehicles, including an STA bus, slammed into the semi truck, causing a backup. Traffic was restricted to the right lane for at least an hour.

Spokane's homeless shelters underutilized

The City of Spokane says it'll get tough on a tent city that's been pitched under I-90 downtown by first offering social services to the homeless camping out there, and then giving them 24 hours to vacate.

That might make you wonder where will they go, and the answer is there are shelters in Spokane for the homeless right now that are not full.

At the House of Charity, where men can go even if they've been drinking, there's 108 beds, and they've only turned away 12 men so far this year due to capacity issues. At Hope House for single women there are 34 beds and they haven't turned anyone away this winter.

video At the Union Gospel Mission on Trent, the men's shelter hasn't been full since 1990, when they opened. They said they'd gladly welcome anyone from the tent city inside their shelter when they're ready to straighten up but, they added, it will take a concerted effort from the entire community to help make that happen.

"We want to end homelessness by teaching responsibility, choices and then when you make the right choices, these are the results," Union Gospel Mission executive director Phil Altmeyer said.

Grab the girls and hit the spa and beauty show

Grab the girls and hit the spa and beauty show


It's the “perfect girl's day out destination.”

The 8th annual Health and Beauty Spa Show opens Saturday at the Spokane Community College Lair, and event manager Rachel Swanson says it should be a great time for any woman looking to pamper herself.

“Women can come in and get over the winter blahs,” she said. “We just want to make you feel more beautiful and glam. This is a feel-good show.”

The event will have 98 booths with about 90 vendors. There will be all sorts of health and beauty products for sale and for sample. From skin care to clothing, from scarves to jewelry.

A portion of the proceeds goes to the YWCA women's shelter. Your ticket will be discounted if you donate a canned food or hygiene item.

There will also be a Before and After contest.

“Come in all ratty, get done up, and then everybody will vote and the winner will get a night's stay at Bonneville Hot Springs Resort and Spa,” according to Swanson.

Hamline announces wide-reaching discipline after alleged assault

Hamline announces wide-reaching discipline after alleged assault


In the wake of felony assault charges stemming from an altercation in a team hotel, Hamline University issued a statement announcing wide-reaching discipline for their men's basketball program.

Eugene Lawrence, a first-year forward from New Orleans, is accused of hitting a woman so hard it broke her jaw on New Year's Eve, when the team was in town for a tournament at Whitworth University. After the young woman returned to consciousness, Lawrence and other members of the team allegedly refused to escort her to the hospital because it was past curfew.

“Eugene Lawrence has been released to the custody of his parents in his home state,” the statement said. “Fourteen students face disciplinary procedures for student handbook violations and team suspensions of varying lengths of time for violating standards set forth in Hamline's athletic code of conduct.”

The statement also said that the team's head coach is suspended indefinitely, and they will be forfeiting the team's scheduled game on Saturday.