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Washington state parks free to visit Monday

Washington state parks free to visit Monday

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission wants the public to know that Monday, August 25 is a state parks “free day,” Visitors will not need a Discover Pass to visit state parks.

The free day is in honor of the birthday of the National Park Service, which was established on August 25, 1916.

State free days are part of the legislation that created the Discover Pass, a $30 annual of $10 one-day permit required on lands managed by Washington State Parks, the Washington departments of Natural Resources and Fish & Wildlife. The Discover Pass legislation provided that state parks could designate up to 12 free days each year when the pass would not be required. The pass is still required to access lands managed by DNR and Fish and Wildlife.

The free days apply only to day use, and not to overnight stays or rental facilities.

The next free days coming up on September 27 for National Public Lands Day and November 11 for Veterans Day.

Red Cross receives $200k donation for mudslide, wildfire relief

Red Cross receives $200k donation for mudslide, wildfire relief

The Washington chapter of the American Red Cross is $200,000 richer thanks to the generosity of Pizza Hut franchisee Emerald City Pizza.

Emerald City Pizza donated a percentage of its sales from 108 local restaurants to come up with the money which was presented at the Darrington community center Tuesday afternoon.

The money is specifically earmarked for mudslide recovery and wildfire relief efforts.

Working 4 you: Are you sabotaging your workout?

Working 4 you: Are you sabotaging your workout?

If you've been hitting the gym all summer and haven't seen the results you've wanted, it could be due to some bad exercise habits you've picked up that you don't even know about.

When it comes to your workout, you might not even realize you're doing anything wrong. By being aware of some of these bad habits and the effect they have, you can work to eliminate them from your regimen, and hopefully see better results.

Life By Daily Burn came up with a list of bad habits at the gym, and these are a few.

Number one: you're not warming up. If you don't do it, your chance of injury goes up and you decrease how effective your workout will be.

You may be training too long as well. The recommended workout is 45 to 55 minutes and your body needs a recovery day.

Also, do you find yourself answering text messages while working out? It's best to leave your cell phone in the locker. But, if you need it for music, keep your phone on airplane mode.

So, what are some good workout habits you should be picking up?

Make sure you're eating enough. To gain muscle, you need fuel. If you're trying to lose weight, make sure you're eating a healthy diet.

City council considers crosswalk ordinance

It was a tragic event that has helped spark a proposed solution to cross walk safety in Spokane.

"I saw a car hit two babies and a mom and I saw the baby and her mom literally fly in the air," said Michelle Lee, witness.

Five year old Elayna Burrows-Gust died last fall after being struck by a car along Monroe Street. She, along with her older brother, followed their mom into the street. The family was not using a crosswalk.

Council Member Candace Mumm said Elayna's story helped inspire the new proposed crosswalk ordinance.

"It seems walkability is the new thing, everyone wants to be able to have more places to walk and make it safer, and make it really clear to drivers that pedestrians have the right of way at intersections," said Council Member Mumm.

The proposed plans include updating crosswalks at business center, arterioles next to schools, parks and other high pedestrian traffic areas.

"Such as Monroe, and of course downtown where it's very busy and the new East Sprague target area development will also qualify," said Council Member Mumm.

Volunteers needed for SNAP ombudsman program

Volunteers needed for SNAP ombudsman program

SNAP is largely known for their services helping low-income individuals and families, but did you know they also offer a vital service for the elderly?

Lisa Petrie has been the regional Long Term Care Ombudsman for Eastern Washington since 1990, responsible for overseeing 284 nursing homes, assisted living facilities and adult family homes across Spokane, Pend Oreille, Ferry, Stevens and Whitman counties.

“This population is so very vulnerable, and it's so hard for them to speak up for what they need. The ombudsman is that voice,” said Petrie. “The whole idea is to visit with residents and make sure that they have the quality of care and quality of life that they deserve. Residents have rights, and we make sure they know that.”

Petrie has 38 volunteers that all make weekly and monthly visits to facilities from Colville to Colfax, getting to know the staff and residents. From their official paperwork, the responsibilities of ombudsman include:

Pizza 4 Pups at Monteray Cafe

Pizza 4 Pups at Monteray Cafe

The Monteray Cafe is teaming up with the Spokane Humane Society to present Pizza 4 Pups.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 20th, from 11:00 am to 2:00 am the Monteray Cafe will be donating 20 percent of all sales to the animals of the Spokane Humane Society.

You can also join team members from the Spokane Humane Society for Yappy Hour from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm for food and drink specials, door prizes, SHS swag and a howling good time.

“Misty, Ray and the crew from the Monterey Cafe are sending a strong message to our community members that they care about the needy animals in Spokane,” said Dave Richardson, Executive Director. ”Our life saving work is made possible through the generosity of businesses like The Monterey Cafe and individuals who turn their care and concern into action. Make the Monterey Cafe your date night with a purpose and share your love with critters in need.”

Dog days of summer at Spokane pools

Dog days of summer at Spokane pools

This Saturday is the last day for swimmers to enjoy the Spokane City Aquatic Centers before the dog days of summer! Beginning Sunday, pet owners can bring their pooches to dive, swim and frolic with other canine water enthusiasts in the 4th Annual Doggie Dips to benefit SpokAnimal and the Spokane Parks Foundation.

For $10 dogs can spend time poolside playing fetch, doing doggie paddle laps or just working on their tan. For the past three years SpokAnimal has used the funds from the popular event to help maintain and enhance the SpokAnimal Dog Park at High Bridge. This year, the Doggie Dips fall within SpokAnimal's participation in the ASPCA Rachael Ray 100k Challenge and there will be special games, photos and prizes incorporating the SpokAnimal Lifesaver Challenge theme into the fun.

Dog owners may pre-register for one of more Doggie Dips through Spokane Parks and Rec or pay $10 at the pool the day of each event. Dogs must be well-mannered, healthy and attended to by an owner who has proof of an up-do-date rabies vaccination. Dogs without a current certificate may be turned away.