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Quick Pave For Walnut Street |

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Quick Pave For Walnut Street
Quick Pave For Walnut Street

A bone-jarring section of Walnut Street on the west side of downtown Spokane will soon be smooth sailing.

City crews began work on the street between Fourth Avenue and Second Avenue Monday morning.

"Our hope is to get it all done this week," said Andy Schenk, Operations Engineer for Spokane's street department.

Crews will grind down the top two inches of asphalt and then lay a fresh two inch top, getting rid of all the ruts and potholes.

The work is causing slight delays for northbound traffic as it's narrowed down to just one lane but it is a quick job and it doesn't appear the road bed has any damage that needs to be repaired.

"A new top on it and it should hold just fine," said Schenk.

The street department would like to perform the same work on south-bound Maple but that will have to wait until next summer.

"We only have so many dollars for asphalt and we're right up against that limit,"  said Schenk.

Unless an unforeseen problem arises with the roadbed, work on Walnut should be finished by Friday. 


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