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A Cardiac Event |

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A Cardiac Event
A Cardiac Event


An Event by definition

A: something that happens

B: a noteworthy happening

C: a social occasion or activity

D: an adverse or damaging medical occurrence < a heart attack or other medical event>

So three out of four seems like fu, but it was option D that hit me on October 24th during a live appearance in Post Falls.

What I thought was a piece of pizza going down the wrong pipe or severe heartburn ended up being the only notice or invitation to my "event."

I had no other signs or symptoms; blood pressure was fine and blood work from months prior showed cholesterol numbers in the normal zone. Yet my chest had so much pain and I was cold and clammy. Breathing was labored, so I told George Kennedy, owner of the Papa Murphy's, to call EMS and my photographer Eric to call the station and tell them that I couldn't do anymore live hits that morning.

I remember trying to sit and feeling uneasy, so I said , "I'm going to lay down right here on the floor 'til someone comes and gets me." Then, I concentrated on my breathing, which, at the time, was all I was capable of doing. In two minutes ( felt much longer) I heard sirens, it was then I knew I was going to be OK. It was weird but I was calm. The Kootenai Fire and Rescue crew started working on me, cutting away my shirts and then telling me "Mark you're having a heart attack", it was becoming very clear to me that he was right and I was in trouble.

I'm told that even though I remember many things about that morning. I don't remember 5 people working on me in the ambulance just to get me stabilized for a six minute drive to KMC in Coeur d'Alene.

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