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A desire to get in shape before the HA |

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A desire to get in shape before the HA
A desire to get in shape before the HA
What many of you don't know, my desire to get in shape and a promise made to my son.  Back in July of 2012, my youngest son Tillman made me promise to quit smoking and go skiing a lot! I heartily agreed and had it in my head. By September, reminders from him about both those items became numerous. During his football practices I began to walk - four laps, about a mile. My cardiologist was shocked when I told him this and he said, "That had to hurt. had this heart attack happened there, you would not be here." I told him it was tough and that I had to go to the car have a smoke and relax.    I did want to quit smoking. So many knew I smoked, so many didn't and it is a stinky, expensive habit. Yet month after month , thousands of dollars a year I kept at it; stress relief, addiction whatever you blame it on, I was in, and cutting down was difficult.    This is the part you need to pay attention to: I had a stress test about six years ago and that showed NO problems and I hung my hat on that. All my damage to the artery happened in the past five years due to stress, smoking and a family history.  Before you fulfill promises of getting in shape, quit smoking and talk with your doctor. I sound like a campaign, but all this rings true.I haven't had a cigerette since October 24th and it is getting easier but there are still times when I would love to have another, even after dying in part because of them. To those who try to quit, good luck and keep trying. The patch was a wonderful tool for me.

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