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Local hair dresser heads to New York fashion week | Arts & Culture

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Local hair dresser heads to New York fashion week
Local hair dresser heads to New York fashion week

Spokane Hair Dresser and Editorial Stylist, Douglas McCoy, dreamed of styling hair for just one show at New York Fashion week. Four seasons and over a dozen shows later, McCoy is preparing to head to New York once again, and is bringing with him an even bigger dream.


“It's a pretty special thing,” said McCoy of his experiences at fashion week. McCoy has been styling hair for 24 years and works on the Bumble and Bumble styling team at various shows each season. He started practicing and learning for his audition in 1997 and a few years ago he finally flew to L.A. for an open call with hundreds of other hair dressers from across the country.


“There's so much riding on every show,” said McCoy. “It's pretty structured, but there's always that last minute oh my god moment.”


It's in those final minutes that a hair dresser's skills and talent are put to test. Stylists arrive about three hours before each designers show where the the lead stylist does a demo of the style and passes out Polaroids to each set of hair dressers. Two hair dressers work together on each model to create the girl that has been the muse for the designer.


“It's the best training that you can get,” said McCoy. “It really makes you look and pay close attention.”


Those are valuable skills that McCoy has brought back with him over the years to better style his own clients at Urbana in Downtown Spokane.


“It puts me a full season ahead,” said McCoy. “It's so good to get out and see what's going on and then bringing it back.”


While it's fun to be in the know on what's going to be the next big thing in hair, McCoy said the most valuable thing he has brought back with him from fashion week was a lesson in humility.


“Be humble,” said McCoy. “You have to be able to work well with others.”


Especially in those last ten crazy minutes before the models transform from young girls in chairs to powerful women walking the runway. McCoy explained that there's no room for egos behind the scenes because it's not about what they're doing. It's about the designer and the designer's story and vision.


“It's a great feeling to know that you're all in this for the same reasons,” said McCoy. As for his growing dream, it's not to become a lead hair stylist at the fashion shows.


“It's not my world, it's not my gig,” said McCoy. For him, the creative process is the fulfilling part of his job, being able to bring together all the pieces.


McCoy wants to stay behind the chair, but now instead of hoping to style one show at New York fashion week his dream is to style hair in the City of Light.


McCoy's ultimate dream has grown to the size of Paris, where he hopes to one day style hair for just one show on the world's largest stage for fashion and style.


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