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Last minute gift wrapping ideas from the Spokane peanut gallery | Arts & Culture

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Last minute gift wrapping ideas from the Spokane peanut gallery
Last minute gift wrapping ideas from the Spokane peanut gallery

Happy Festivus - save your airing of grievances for dinner tonight. Here’s a little more alternative way to wrap those gifts for that other holiday that happens in two days. Take a deep breath - you’re going to need it. Forget that you have family coming over and your may home looks like it’s still recovering from Thanksgiving. Let’s focus on creativity.

Once a year we can really bring out the artist in ourselves - wrapping gifts. A few regional readers share their gift wrapping practices:

Spokane Valley resident, Stacy, says her household uses the classic craft - funny pages gift wrap. She also says she cuts up paper sacks and dresses them up with wrapping paper scraps. I suppose that’s in case the newspaper goes rogue and ends up in a dark and damp ditch on the side of the road.

Carol, a South Hill neighbor, dittos the gift wrap by funny pages. However, she makes sure Mutts is always shown at the the very top. I wonder if her gift recipients ever stop to notice that.

Some people do their best thinking in the bathroom. Maybe that’s where Michelle Stussi, from an undisclosed location in Spokane, got her idea to wrap gifts in toilet paper (pictured above). Don’t worry - her presents are topped with red bows.

Former Spokane resident Meagan Zickuhr used to work (and still does) in the television business. That’s where she developed her love for electrical and gaffer’s tape. She’s used the handy material as a ribbon.

Lance Kissler, Spokane Valley resident, uses his inner-MacGyver by incorporating duct tape into his gift wrap. It’s been a couple years so he may be out of practice. Hopefully he doesn’t find himself in a gift wrapping pinch with only thirty seconds to go and somebody about to walk around the corner to find him up to no good.

Some people have assessed the worst case scenarios in multiple situations. Holly Jones, South Hill resident, has a plan B for when the scotch tape runs out, next stop - gaffer’s tape. When they’re out of paper, they break into their son’s supply of butcher paper and of course let him color all over it.

Near Springdale, north of Spokane, there exists a couple that lives on a sustainable ranch called Moosicorn. They're fans of recycling and reusing materials so they use old magazines and catalogs to wrap their gifts to each other.

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