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A Ride-Along With... Matthew Modine? | Arts & Culture

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A Ride-Along With... Matthew Modine?
A Ride-Along With... Matthew Modine?

It was probably a moment a taxi driver in downtown Spokane didn't expect when he woke up this morning. He pulled up alongside the vacant Ridpath Hotel and began to talk with us on the sidewalk.

"This used to be one of the busiest cab stands in town," he said. He paused and looked straight at a tall man with blondish hair. It was Matthew Modine, an actor known locally for his main role in Vision Quest. He also was featured in the films Full Metal Jacket and Memphis Belle and later this year you can see him in The Dark Knight Rises.

"Is that Matthew Modine?" he asked. "Is he making Vision Quest 2?"

We wish. We got to drive Modine around Spokane in a packed minivan to refresh his memory on shooting locations for the 1985 film. He hadn't been in Spokane since he filmed the coming-of-age story. Now he's back to promote his new short film in the Spokane International Film Festival, Jesus Was a Commie.

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We stopped by The Onion and Ferguson's, still under re-construction from September's fire. As he was interviewed by reporter Ian Cull, they tested their running speeds and ran across the Howard Bridge in Riverfront Park just like Modine did in Vision Quest.

As we were about to leave The Onion, a hairdresser from Glen Dow ran outside to yell across the street: "I heart you, Matthew Modine!"

Earlier, the employees of Spokane Federal Credit Union ran to the window to wave at him. He walked inside to say hello and they offered him coffee.

Speaking of coffee, apparently the Northwest is the only part of the country known for drive-thru coffee shops. The one on Post and Garland was a mystery to him. In fact he called it: "Cuckoo". 

Short Film: You can see Modine's short film, Jesus Was a Commie, on Friday, January 27th at 7 p.m. It's playing at the Bing Crosby Theater. Tickets are $10. Both Modine and local author, Jess Walter, will be there to talk about the film.

Impromptu Gathering: Apparently fans of the actor are meeting at 11 a.m. in Riverfront Park to raise money for The Milk Bottle and Ferguson's. They're meeting at Howard and Mallon.

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