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Kathleen Flenniken is Washington's Newest Poet Laureate | Arts & Culture

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Kathleen Flenniken is Washington's Newest Poet Laureate

What's a Poet Laureate? They're poets appointed by the government to write for state occasions. We have one nationally, recently appointed Philip Levine. The New York Times highlighted him last August describing him as the "voice of the workingman". 

Locally in the state of Washington, we now have Kathleen Flenniken. Humanities Washington announced today she's the newly appointed Poet Laureate by Governor Chris Gregoire and the Washington State Arts Commission

This is the first Poet Laureate we've had since 2009. Samuel Green held the previous two-year position, but it was eliminated in 2009 due to a budget shortfall. During that time, the position carried a stipend of $10,000 according to The Library of Congress.

The program is up and running again, but this time no state funds are being used as required by Gov. Gregoire last year. Funding comes from the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities, and private contributions. 

You can read a selection of Flenniken's work online at her website. 

Video Courtesy: University of Washington Press, Youtube

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