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Spokanisms: George Clooney and Hipsters | Arts & Culture

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Spokanisms: George Clooney and Hipsters
Spokanisms: George Clooney and Hipsters

It’s amazing how a few flicks of your thumb can open the window into undiscovered parts of town. From bordered black and white shots or lo-fi grain, Instagram offers Spokane, or any city, a unique view that’s artistic, edgy but minimal.

Every now and then we find a few shots of Spokane that scream for more attention. There were two taken Monday morning and afternoon that highlight our city’s alternative culture that you don’t necessarily get to know through tourism promotion or the local news.

Spokane has unique vandalism - illegal, but unique. The above photo doesn't seem like the typical vandalism seen around Spokane with strange illegible symbols. This one has purpose. It says George Clooney is the man of the year.

It was photographed near the Maple Street Bridge Monday afternoon by David Blaine, chef for Latah Bistro, while on his way to Bongs Grocery in West Central. 

While passing through downtown Spokane, another Instagrammer, Yeshua Grise, found a slightly altered sign at Jimmy John’s that heeds a warning toward hipsters instead of the intended target of the message: hippies.

Spokane is a top town for hipsters, but you’ll never find it on any top ten list for hipsters because the majority of them don’t know Spokane exists. Thus, Spokane is cool.

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