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Hometown Baritone Headed to NYC | Arts & Culture

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Hometown Baritone Headed to NYC
Hometown Baritone Headed to NYC

You might remember Anthony McCain. You may have seen him singing and selling cookies two summers ago to raise money for music school. After two years at the Oberlin Music Conservatory in Ohio, McCain's rich baritone has gotten even better. So much better that he's now been accepted into a summer music program in New York City.


After graduating from North Central in 2011, McCain was given a full ride scholarship to Oberlin. However, he didn't have the money to actually get there. That is why he held the bake sale, and the community stepped in and helped get McCain there.


Last summer McCain was offered a job with a cruise ship. The offer was enticing, but after much thought and conversation with his mentors at Oberlin he declined so he could continue his education. It's proven to be the right choice. This year he has preformed in two of the main stage operas at Oberlin and was also selected as the baritone soloist with the Oberlin Choir on a tour in New York.


McCain found out last week that he has earned a place at the Manhattan School of Music Summer Voice Festival. The festival will help further perfect his craft while participating in masterclasses with the Metropolitan Opera. McCain says that it is a rare opportunity to build connections in the opera world, and that students come from all over the world for the six week festival.


Here's the catch. To pay tuition and living expenses for the festival McCain needs $6,500. He has applied for a scholarship, but he won't find out if he has been awarded one until later this month. McCain says that coming from a low income family has always been a part of life, but that he's never let it stand in the way or keep him from shooting for the stars. McCain hopes that the hometown that helped get to Oberlin will once again be willing to help him, but this time to NYC.


For McCain it's hard to imagine what would have happened if Spokane hadn't helped him make it to school. He wants to give back to the community that has supported him and is tossing around ideas of how to do that. One possibility is giving a benefit recital in town once he returns from New York. McCain says it would be a great way to meet the people that have been sponsoring his dreams and endeavors.


Anthony McCain is beyond grateful to those who have supported him, and his hoping the Spokane Community will be able to help on his musical journey one more time. He has set up a website where people can make contributions and track how far to his goal he is. He also has a website where people can check out what he's been up to while at school.


To make a donation to get Anthony McCain to the Manhattan School of Music Summer Festival go to http://www.gofundme.com/2jrvcg

If you want to see what Anthony has been up to since his bake sale two summers ago visit http://azmbaritone.wix.com/anthony-mccain


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