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Patty Duke Featured in Theatrical Reading of The Giver | Arts & Culture

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Patty Duke Featured in Theatrical Reading of The Giver
Patty Duke Featured in Theatrical Reading of The Giver

A theatrical reading of the popular and critically acclaimed book The Giver is coming to the Bing Crosby Theater and features Patty Duke.

“It's a great way to hear a story,” said Producer Laura Little. She describes a theatrical reading as being like watching a audio book on stage. Performers interpret the script without using sets or costumes and rely only on the inflection of their voice to convey the meaning.

Each performance will have a talk back session with Patty Duke where the audience can ask questions not only about the story, but also about Duke herself. The show is being produced as a fundraiser for the Bing Crosby theater.

The Giver won the Newbery Medal when it was published in 1994 and has been a staple of young adult reading since it's release. The story follows Jonas who lives in what appears to be a utopian society referred to as The Community.

In the story, harmony has been achieved by adopting sameness, in which all color, memory and emotion has been removed from the people. Each child is assigned a job at the age of 12 and Jonas is selected to be the next Receiver, the keeper of all The Community's memories and emotions.

After the memories are passed down to him, Jonas realizes everything that the people have been missing and begins to question if the loss is worth the pseudo-utopia they live in.

“The story is so relevant,” said Little, she says it forces people to ask the same question. Would giving up color, joy, and happy moments in life be worth it to do away with pain and uncertainty and to gain contentment?

The Giver- A Theatrical Reading Featuring Patty Duke

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