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Bloomsday name inspired by Ulysses | Bloomsday

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Bloomsday name inspired by Ulysses
Bloomsday name inspired by Ulysses

The Lilac Bloomsday Run will race through Spokane for the 38th year on Sunday, but have you ever wondered where Bloomsday gets its name? The name takes Spokane’s love of lilacs and pairs it with Greek mythology and a famous literary character.

Here’s more on the history of the name from Bloomsday:

According to Don Kardong, a road race is an odyssey, not unlike the one Ulysses endured in his return to Ithaca after the Trojan War, a journey described in great detail by the Greek poet Homer. In 1917 James Joyce wrote "Ulysses" about one day in the life of a man (Leopold Bloom) in Dublin, Ireland. Bloom spends the day wandering through the streets of Dublin in a rough parallel of his Greek counterpart Ulysses, and that day (June 16) has become known to Joyce scholars and aficionados as "Bloomsday."

The 7-1/2-mile odyssey through the streets of Spokane was dubbed The Lilac Bloomsday Run, combining Spokane's moniker "The Lilac City" with the premise of Joyce's novel, which is that ordinary people are involved in unassuming and yet heroic journeys every day of their lives. A citizen who travels 7-1/2 miles on the first Sunday of May encounters trials, hazards and monsters during his or her odyssey through the Lilac City before ending up back home.

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