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Beardvertising offers new twist on the billboard | Business

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Beardvertising offers new twist on the billboard
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Beardvertising offers new twist on the billboard

The beard has made a comeback in recent years, what was once considered the mark of bikers and woodsmen is seeing a resurgence with gentlemen across the country. Even the world of advertising has caught onto the bearded lifestyle with billboards that attach directly to a man's prized facial hair.


Eric Bandholz started growing his beard in May in 2011. He was originally aiming to grow his facial locks for a year. It's been two years since his face has seen the sun and Bandholz has fully embraced what he calls the urban beardsman lifestyle.


When Bandholz heard rumor of beardboards through his bearded brothers he entered his six inch long, red beard for consideration. He was one of about 25 people selected to wear Beardvertising's beardboards, patent pending, and Bandholz has been having a blast with it.


“Its just like to have fun and it's something different,” explains Bandholz. The compensation is minimal, just a few dollars a day, but for Bandholz it's more about immersing himself in his passion for his beard.


“It's a fun little community us bearded,” says Bandholz. He founded Spokane Beard and Mustache once his yeard—year long beard-- was complete. The group of beardsmen and mustache aficionados has also founded a non-profit that utilizes their facial hair passion to raise money for local charities.


“It's taken over my life in a positive way,” notes Bandholz who has also built a successful business catering to his urban beard community. Beardbrand, started in 2012, provides beardcare products and accessories for those who have embraced the growth.


“It's been a lot of fun,” Bandholz says of his beardvertising experience. The beardboard he clips in is for Dollar Shave Club, a company that specializes in online razor sales. Bandholz hopes they have a strong customer base, because he doesn't plan on shaving his red beard anytime soon.  

You can follow Eric's adventures in beardvertising on Twitter @bandholz

Business, People, Weird

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