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Restaurant goers hide love notes at Europa | Business

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Restaurant goers hide love notes at Europa
 Restaurant goers hide love notes at Europa

Tucked away in three end table drawers at downtown restaurant Europa is a hidden treasure. Over the years, patrons of the italian eatery have left love notes, birthday wishes, and memories of good days written on napkins for the next person to read while enjoying a sip of their cocktail.

It’s a somewhat well kept secret that has been slowly gaining attention around town. Aja Engels has owned Europa for the last year and isn’t sure which was the first note left, or why or exactly when it was left. All she knows is that someone found it and over the last 15 years or so hundreds of napkin love notes have been tucked away in the three drawers.

“It started just completely organically,” said Engles. “People really like trying to find theirs.”

“I have a feeling this is the best night of his life,” reads one napkin note, “You are my life, my love, my very spirit,” another reads. One declares the evening a girls night and chronicles the ladies night on the town. Another that Engles said was left two regulars begins the note with “Captain’s Log” and is a timeline of the couple’s afternoon in the sun. And somewhere tucked away is one that reads, “I love him, but he doesn’t know it.”

Europa has hundreds of these napkin declarations. Three table drawers are full of them and Engels has a box filled with hundreds more that she keeps in storage and rotates through with the others. She said she’s thought about leaving out notepads for people to leave notes, but the napkins is where it all started.

“I like that they’re a positive moment in someone’s life,” said Engel, and since napkins don’t last forever she’d eventually like to scan them all and put them into a photo book. “It’s nice to write down a good day.”

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