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River City launches benefit brew for Spokane Riverkeeper | Business

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River City launches benefit brew for Spokane Riverkeeper
River City launches benefit brew for Spokane Riverkeeper

The Spokane River could be called the city’s current, and now it has its very own specialty beer to promote its well being. On Friday, River City Brewing will launch the Riverkeeper IPA in partnership with Spokane Riverkeeper and Numerica Credit Union to promote the work being done to keep our river “swimmable and fishable.”

“It’s a really great opportunity to reach out to the community,” said Kendel Froese with the Center for Justice, the organization that runs the Spokane Riverkeeper program.  The for-impact program works to protect and restore the health of the Spokane River through education, community outreach and litigation when necessary.

This is the second year that Spokane Riverkeeper has teamed up with River City to create a special brew, but with the addition of Numerica to the partnership, the fundraiser and awareness campaign is growing.

“We decided to go to a whole different route for awareness,” said Emily Schwartz with River City Brewing. The Riverkeeper IPA will be available indefinitely at local bars and restaurants, and will always be on tap at the River City tap room. The partnership with Numberica allows for more community outreach and advertising of the brew. A percentage of proceeds from the IPA will be donated to Spokane Riverkeeper.

“We thought this is one way to we can support the greater mission,” explained Kelli Hawkins from Numerica Credit Union. “It’s just one way to increase people’s knowledge about Riverkeeper is all about.”

The first tastes of Riverkeeper IPA will be available at Frist Friday, June 6, at the downtown Numerica branch. After that, River City will be hosting micro-launches of the IPA at restaurants and bars that want to support the cause. Numerica is providing a website, riverkeeperipa.org, that’s in the process of being launched as well as covering posters, coasters and table top materials that promote the brand and education of supporting Spokane Riverkeeper.

The partnership between the three groups is natural with the river being binding chord of the city, and beer being one it’s new favorite past times. Spokane Riverkeeper said that with the heavier topics it has to deal with, Riverkeeper IPA was a laid back way to reach out.


“If you don’t have clean water, you aren’t going to have good beer,” said Froese.

For River City and Numerica, supporting the city’s river was an easy choice.

“Whether you know it or not, you’re being affected by Spokane Riverkeeper,” explained Schwartz. “They’re such an important organization for Spokane.”

The long term plan for Riverkeeper IPA is to keep it pouring, but River City plans to switch up the recipe each summer to keep it fresh and new and to keep people talking about the work being done by Spokane Riverkeeper.

For more information on the work being done by Spokane Riverkeeper visit www.cfjustice.org/river or riverkeeperipa.org. You can keep up with where to find Riverkeeper IPA by liking River City Brewing on Facebook.


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