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New Bake Shop Sweetens Downtown Spokane | Business

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New Bake Shop Sweetens Downtown Spokane
New Bake Shop Sweetens Downtown Spokane

Spokane may have reached cupcake critical mass, so thankfully Sweet Frosting chose to do more than just that.

The newly opened bake shop features a case full of picture perfect goodies that would make Martha Stewart cry. There are macaroons, sticky buns, cookies and cakes. Oh, and there are decadent cupcakes on their own pedestal of cuteness.

Co-owner, Judy Rozier, left 18 years of mortgage lending behind and started pursuing her peace and passion. She spent her days baking in her kitchen. Nearly two months later she found herself baking cupcakes for the Funky Junk show in June. She sold 500 cupcakes in two days.

She teamed up with Sally Winfrey, to make Sweet Frosting a business. They brought in a designer to build their space at 1st and Washington.

“I told her I wanted a mix between my grandma’s kitchen and a Parisian bakery,” Rozier said.

They’ve painted the open ceiling a cool teal and their walls, a matching sunshine. Martha Stewart pom-poms hang from the ceiling.

They hope to start with a least ten flavors a day for cupcakes. By 3 p.m. on their first day, they had sold down to six flavors. Some baked items are not on their menu yet, but they do have plans to increase their variety.

Rozier added: “We have to start someplace and introduce as we go.”

Their menu plans include eventually producing at least one gluten and dairy free item a day. Rozier says that’s still down the road.

Other products they plan to introduce include homemade marshmallows and whoopie pies.

Dear coffee lovers, they serve Post Falls-based Doma.

Sweet Frosting is located at 15 S. Washington on the corner of 1st. You can learn more about them on Facebook.

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