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Spokane-Style Beer is Federally Approved | Business

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Spokane-Style Beer is Federally Approved
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Spokane-Style Beer is Federally Approved

No-Li Brewhouse has been crafting beer in the Northwest since 1993. Their branding pays homage to their love of Spokane and the region. Now, No-Li has put Spokane on the map as a major force in the world of craft brews. Earlier this week No-Li announced that they have gotten federal approval for a new style of craft beer. Spokane-Style.


What makes a beer Spokane-Style? Well, first off it must be brewed and packaged in Spokane. But the origin of the beer goes beyond that. To be classified as Spokane-Style all the ingredients must come from within 300 miles of the city. Naturally, all of No-Li beers fall under the category of Spokane-Style.


No-Li attributes its close to home ingredients for driving its demand in other areas of the country. Whole Foods carries it in Washington D.C. and the largest liquor stores in Colorado have started selling the brand as well. No-Li is on tap both at Safeco Field and Century Link Field in Seattle.


No-Li was named as a top brewery to watch in 2013 by Draft Magazine, and has won international awards in Japan, Belgium and at the European Beer Star Competition in Germany.


For more information on No-Li Brewhouse visit www.nolibrewhouse.com

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