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Will train for food
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Will train for food

You can get a great work out in with a certified personal trainer all for the price of a can of food. A local trainer is hosting bi-monthly runs in the park and only charges a food donation to Second Harvest.


Brian Krupke is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is a Level I Crossfit Coach. He started hosting the running club in Riverfront Park in order to promote the new gym, Inland Northwest Fitness, that he and a couple other trainers are opening. But Krupke didn't do it just to make some extra cash.


“I want it to be about than just making money,” says Krupke. Enter the fee: a can of food. Krupke decided that making a food donation would be a quick and great way to make an impact both with those who show up to train and with the larger Spokane community. As he puts it “everybody needs to eat”.


The idea for the sessions in the park was inspired by groups like the Flying Irish Running Club, but Krupke wanted to offer a more well-rounded work out for participants. Krupke hopes that participants will learn different ways they can better themselves without having to pay the high prices of fitness centers.


“I try to show them ways to exercise without being in a gym,” explains Krupke. The runs vary in length, usually from about two to four miles. But, sprinkled throughout are body weight driven elements that can be scaled down to most skills levels. Expect more strength training during the shorter runs.


You can join the Inland Northwest Fitness Running Club on their next run, Friday, May 24th. If you have a few cans of food to donate head to Riverfront Park at 5:15pm every other Friday, runs start promptly at 5:30pm. Krupke and Inland Northwest Fitness encourage every one to attend, all they ask is that “you try your best and be willing to leave your comfort zone”.


Don't forget your food donation! You can join without it, but you'll be doing 50 burpees before you hit the course as penalty.  

Business, Events, Health

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