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Local superhero hopes to bring documentary to Spokane | Community Spirit

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Local superhero hopes to bring documentary to Spokane

He calls himself Spokane Batman, and he’s been making appearances around town since 2010. Now the unlikely Dark Knight is hoping to bring a special documentary to Spokane, but needs the help of his Gotham.

“It’s nice to be able to give back and bring attention to some worthy causes, and bring some fun and joy to people as well,” Spokane Batman wrote in an email, being careful to conceal his identity.

Spokane Batman started going to the Children’s Hospital and bringing the kids free comic books. Now, he wants to bring a viewing of the documentary Legends of the Knight. The film focuses on people who have overcome obstacles, and given back to their community because of their love of Batman.

Spokane Batman is hoping that a screening in Spokane will inspire people here to find their inner superhero. However, he needs 66 more people to purchase tickets to make it happen. Legends of the Knight filmmakers are working with Tugg, a website that sets up screenings and assigns a minimum ticket purchase to make it happen.

“Response so far hasn’t been great,” said Spokane Batman.

So far, 12 people have committed their 10 bucks to bring the film to the AMC theater on June 2nd, but 66 more need to purchase tickets for it to happen. The makers of Legends of the Knight want each of their screenings to encourage community members to support charities in their area. Spokane Batman is also using Tugg to accept donations for Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington, an organization he often works with.

All 66 tickets have to be sold by May 26th. For more information click HERE.

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