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Public Safety Committee Report: 3/16-4/12 | Crime

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Public Safety Committee Report: 3/16-4/12
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Every couple of weeks, the Office of the Police Ombudsman releases their public safety committee report, a recap of contacts and complaints regarding Spokane Police. Here’s the numbers:

  • 262 contacts for the year to this date.
  • 84 contacts during the weeks of March 16th through April 12th.
  • 10 complaints filed during that time.
  • 6 complaints were labeled Inadequate Response.
  • 2 complaints were labeled Harassment.
  • 2 complaints were referred to Border Patrol and Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.
  • 1 complaint was labeled Demeanor
  • 1 complaint was labeled Excessive Force

Other than a bunch of numbers, there are a couple things that pop out to us as we’re scanning through the document.

There was a reference to a complaint involving the U.S. Border Patrol which is becoming a common theme in conversation. It was brought up at the last Public Safety Committee meeting as well as last week’s Spokane City Council Forum.

A neighbor asked council president Ben Stuckart and councilman Mike Allen regarding a Border Patrol vehicle spotted responding to incidents with Spokane Police.

Councilman Mike Allen said he learned of this incident at the last public safety committee meeting. During the meeting police chief Scott Stephens said they do not have direct communication with them regarding these incidents. They hear of them on the scanner and respond.

During the media academy with Spokane Police over the weekend, Officer Ben Green said a Border Patrol unit responded to one of his calls when he asked for back up.

The complaint regarding the Border Patrol was received by the Ombudsman on March 27th and then referred to the local Border Patrol office for follow-up. 

Crime, News

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