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Sante targeted by thieves overnight | Crime

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Sante targeted by thieves overnight
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Sante targeted by thieves overnight


A swanky downtown restaurant fell victim to thieves last night, when their “irreplaceable” antique door and computer system were smashed and their cash register was snatched.

Sante (404 West Main Avenue) will be closed for lunch today and owner Jeremy Hansen says they will re-open around 5 p.m. for dinner. Hansen estimated that about $6,200 of damage was done by the burglars.

Hansen said police believe the thieves had inside knowledge of the restaurant's business operations, due to how fast and precise the job was executed. But Hansen isn't so sure a disgruntled ex- or current-employee was behind the robbery.

“We don't have that issue here,” Hansen said. “I think it was more of a random act of 'I need a couple hundred bucks.' ”

According to Hansen there was about $200 in the cash register and that was all the thieves escaped with. He also said he is planning on adding a security camera and is mulling adding some sort of alarm system.

“I'm more worried about someone coming in and holding up an employee at gunpoint than someone coming in at night,” Hansen said.

If you know anything about the burglary, please call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.

Crime, News, Restaurants

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