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Dieting Tips From Justin Rundle | Health

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Dieting Tips From Justin Rundle
Dieting Tips From Justin Rundle

We continue our series with Justin Rundle, Head Trainer at North Park Racquet Club in North Spokane. We're talking about acheiving success in your diet. I've talked with Justin quite a bit about the importance of diet in addition to exercise.

This article will teach why the classic three meals a day is not the optimum way to go when it comes to your diet. It's smaller meals that really ramp up your metablolism.

Step One For Dieting Success

When working with a client on a goal for overall toning and weight loss, the outcome is usually determined by whether or not the person is willing and determined enough to follow our philosophy on diet.

Don’t get me wrong. We generally have regular success stories. Not to mention, our clients are always healthier in the end than when they started. But aesthetically speaking, for changing one’s appearance, it is nearly impossible to outwork your diet.

The common percentage used for importance of diet in contrast to exercise, rest and genetics is usually around 80 percent of the determining factor in one’s fitness goal. That is why when one is following our system, and seeing continual progress, we know the person is fully committed to all aspects of the game plan.

The general rule of thumb for most meal plans is to convert from the old philosophy of three or less meals a day to five or six meals. These meals are generally not the same size as the classic breakfast, lunch or dinner. Normally, your allotted daily calorie allowance is broken into five to six scheduled eating times of balanced meals consisting of lean proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats. That way all nutrients are satisfied, but now the true power of your metabolism will be unleashed.

The best way to think about why one should eat more times in comparison to fewer times comes from human history. Back when humans were nomadic and didn’t have the convenience of a grocery store, people hunted and gathered for food, often not knowing when the next meal would be. Therefore, one’s body fat supply was protection for when it was truly needed and a hungry individual’s metabolism was running low in what’s called starvation mode. Even with three balanced meals a day, one can satisfy daily nutrition, but metabolism is still running in starvation mode and will not readily release body fat calories. By stepping up the regularity of one’s meals, eating every two to three hours apart, metabolism becomes accustomed to running beyond starvation mode and metabolizes body fat for every function, even for muscle growth. Other benefits of five to six meals a day are suppressing appetite, increased energy and focus as well as stabilizing blood sugar.

Now that you know the principles behind most major nutritional concepts, here are a few tips for success. Even with one’s metabolism running at a high level, it is still possible to overeat. Therefore, use convenient programs like the My Plate application of www.livestrong.com to journal food and establish a calorie allowance. The program tends to be a little generous, so if worried about your calorie sum, contact us on our site or Facebook page and we can help.

Next, be prepared. The night before, pack your meals in a cooler or insulated pack to avoid purchasing convenience food. However, there are some places providing healthy, balanced convenient meals. One is an espresso stand known as The Daily Habit. They are blending meal replacement smoothies that are high in protein, low carb, low fat or only good fats. They use the Dymatize ISO Whey 100 protein (one of the industry’s highest quality supplement providers), your choice of fresh fruit, and a serving of either almond milk or coconut milk. This is the perfect smoothie, because I for one have a dairy intolerance, but I can have Dymatize ISO Whey 100 without discomfort.

To go into more detail on dieting tips or for exercise advice, clean recipe videos and discussion with other health minded individuals, join our Rundle Performance Training page on Facebook, or at www.jrunfitpro.com. Also, follow us on Twitter @JRUNFITPROoCOM.



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