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Park bathrooms closed for the season September 2

Park bathrooms closed for the season September 2

You may need to do a little extra planning the next time you head to a Spokane park. Even though the warm weather will draw large crowds, bathrooms in the majority of parks will close for the season on Tuesday, September 2nd.

Due to budget limitations, the annual restroom season only runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The closure includes all parks except Riverfront Park, Manito Park, the SE Sports Complex and the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex.

Portable toilets will be placed at more popular locations like Mission Park, Audubon Park, Comstock Park and Franklin Park through the end of October.

Working 4 you: The best Labor Day deals

Working 4 you: The best Labor Day deals

If you're going to say goodbye to summer, at least you can say hello to some bargains. And there are some great deals over the Labor Day weekend.

One of the first may be the fuel it takes to go shopping the weekend. AAA says the current price of gas is $3.44 on average, 15 cents less than it was at this time last year, although that's not quite the cast here in Spokane.

But, lower prices could be why AAA projects nearly 35 million Americans will travel this weekend, the most since 2008.

So, what deals are on the table?

Kiplinger.com says, look for those larger appliances in your home. Discounts can be up to 45% on major appliances, with chances to save the most by purchasing online and using coupon codes.

Next, think about what you'll miss when winter arrives, and chances are you'll find opportunities for sales. Bicycles go on sale this time of year, along with camping gear and patio furniture.

Kiplinger says last year, Lowes, Target and Walmart took up to 75% off patio furniture over Labor Day. It says discounts look to be in the same range this year.

Marshals hunting felon who fled Spokane halfway house

Marshals hunting felon who fled Spokane halfway house

US Marshals are searching for a convicted felon who walked away from a Spokane halfway house after he was released from federal prison.

Merced Jose Zamora was a large scale methamphetamine dealer who was wrapping up a 13 year sentence when he escaped a re-entry center near the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds.

Zamora was months away from being a totally free man but early Monday morning around 1:30 he left his halfway house. That facility is run by a private company that has a contract with the federal government to house and prepare ex-cons for a legal and productive life back in society.

Even though Zamora was convicted of multiple methamphetamine deals in Wyoming he was released to Spokane because he has family here.

Now marshals are looking for him and Deputy US Marshal Bob Doty said Zamora, 33, has a very unique tattoo on his neck that should make him east to spot.

Women and Children's Free Restaurant planning major move

Women and Children's Free Restaurant planning major move

The Women and Children's Free Restaurant, a local non-profit that feeds thousands of families a year, is planning to move to a new building which could allow them to reach even more families.

The restaurant is hoping to move from its current location on North Monroe to the old Center Pointe Building on the corner of Washington and Sinto.

For 26 years the restaurant has fed families from a small church basement, but in order to grow their organization, they need to grow their kitchen.

"We provide nourishment for their souls as well as nourishment for their bodies," Sherry Harbaugh said.

The kitchen serves up between 100 and 300 plates of food a day; no one is ever turned away.

"We've got everyone from single mom goes to work 40 hours a week but runs short of grocery money towards the end of the month, we have people that might not even have a home that come to dinner, we've got students, grandmothers and grandkids," Erin Stricher said.

For the first time in the organization's history they will soon have a building to call their own.

Working 4 You: The impact of the Burger King merger

Working 4 You: The impact of the Burger King merger

Burger King's deal to merge with Canada's Tim Hortons fast food chain has a lot of people talking, especially about the potential tax benefits for the King.

Burger King is set to become the third largest fast food company in the world, with more than 18,000 restaurants world wide.

Sales for Burger King have been flat over the last couple of years, so a merger with another fast food giant makes business sense.

But what's creating a lot of anger among American citizens is something called tax inversion. It's why many think Burger King is merging in the first place. So, what is tax inversion?

Essentially it's when an American company purchases another company overseas. Then they effectively move their company headquarters to that new overseas location, and that means their earnings are taxed at a far lower rate in that country.

America currently has the highest corporate tax rate in the world at just over 39%.

Tax inversion is completely legal, but it doesn't sit well with many Americans.

Boot season begins in Spokane

Boot season begins in Spokane

It's boot season in Spokane and we're not talking about fall fashion. The City of Spokane has stepped up it's efforts to collect $4 Million in unpaid parking tickets.

On Tuesday parking enforcement officers seized their first car with the boot, a Ford Excursion parked near the Spokane County Courthouse. People at the courthouse say a local defense attorney parks his vehicle in the spot, and parking enforcement officers say they are familiar with the vehicle and regularly write it tickets.

On Tuesday, instead of getting another parking ticket, that attorney got booted.

"We are actively looking for vehicles with outstanding parking tickets,four or more, that are in collection that are boot eligible," city spokesman Brian Coddington said.

In this case, the Excursion's owner doesn't have four or more unpaid tickets; he has dozens, including the ones that could be seen sitting on the floor in the back seat. To add insult to injury, even before parking enforcement officers showed up to install the boot the parking meter for the SUV had expired.

Upcoming construction closing access to airport

Upcoming construction closing access to airport

The contractor working on the Highway 2/Spokane Airport interchange has adjusted their schedule and issued a revised plan for on and off-ramp closures while workers grind out old pavement and lay a new asphalt surface.

The full closures are limited to single-lane ramp sections where the roadway will be blocked during the work. The most intense work will be scheduled during hours when traffic counts are lowest.

During the following days and hours, single-lane segments of on and off ramps leading to and from Spokane International Airport on Highway 2 and Sunset Highway will be fully closed. Signed detours will direct drivers to and from Spokane International Airport. Drivers should expect slow traffic, congestion and delays on the detour routes. Travelers are urged to allow plenty of extra time to reach their destinations during these periods to avoid missing flight connections.

There will be no work from 5 am Friday, August 29 until 7 pm Tuesday, September 2.