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Cars parked along Bloomsday route to be towed

Cars parked along Bloomsday route to be towed


In an effort to prepare the streets for the thousands of visitors coming for Bloomsday, the City of Spokane is asking citizens who have cars parked along the route to move them for street sweeping.


The City of Spokane will begin towing cars parked along the Bloomsday route on Tuesday. City crews began cleaning the race route on Monday, Citizens are asked to remove their cars for street sweeping to occur.


No Parking Signs have been place on the north side of Riverside from Jefferson to Hemlock. On Tuesday, April 28, the south side of Riverside from Jefferson will be swept.

4 things to know for April 27

Nepal quake: Nepal is still in shock after this weekend's series of earthquakes and powerful aftershocks. The death toll continues to rise, now confirmed to be more than 3,700 people. Residents in the capital city of Kathmandu are digging through what's left of their homes. Many of those injured are being treated outside of hospitals, which are overflowing.

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Local connection: A family here in Spokane has strong ties to Nepal -- their company built a health clinic there. That clinic was destroyed during the massive earthquake. The company was created by Denise Attwood and her family and served a remote mountain village north of Kathmandu. It took them three years to build the area's first and only health clinic. The family is now using Facebook to get updates on the people they know in that area.

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Working 4 you: How sleep is affecting your weight

Not getting a good night's sleep could be weighing down your efforts to get fit. While exercise and diet are crucial to maintaining your weight, getting more sleep could tip the scales in your favor.

Dietitians say there are two hormones that are affected by a lack of sleep. One is leptin, which tells your fat cells to basically decrease your appetite, while the other is gherlin, which tells your body to increase your appetite. It's that increase in appetite that could be hurting you.

People who skip sleep, often find themselves snacking more, and studies show that your choice of snack will likely be a more unhealthy option. Dietitians say that snacking can lead to about 300 extra calories.

But dietitians say if you do feel the urge to snack because you didn't sleep well, there some foods that might actually help you get a good night's rest. Dietitians say to try foods that are rich in tryptophan like milk, cheese and yogurt. You can also benefit from complex carbohydrates found in cereals and crackers. And go for fiber-rich foods like veggies, fruits and whole grains.

4 things to know for April 24

North Idaho earthquakes: Two earthquakes over a magnitude four hit the Idaho Panhandle Thursday night. According the U.S. Geological Survey, a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit the area at 7:32 pm, about 13.5 miles southeast of Sandpoint, just off of Lake Pend Oreille. Then a 4.2 magnitude quake struck several miles southeast of Ponderay just before 11 pm. A third, much milder and deeper quake struck approximately the same area a few hours later. People from at least 40 zip codes reported to USGS that they felt the movement.

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Measles in Spokane: The Spokane Regional Health District is being inundated with calls since it confirmed a measles case Tuesday, mostly from people wanting to know if they are protected. The Health District says people born before 1957 are considered immune. People born after 1968 likely got both doses of the MMR vaccine and don't need a booster. They add those born between 1957 and 1968 may need to get another shot. But the health district says if you're not sure, get vaccinated.

4 things to know for April 23

Measles in Spokane: It took three visits to a health care facility before an unvaccinated woman was diagnosed with measles. It's the first documented case in 21 years in Spokane. Now, the Health District is trying to find out how that woman got it. It's the only case in the city. The Health District estimates at least 100 people came into contact with the virus, so they're urging those born after 1957 who have not received the MMR vaccine to do so now. To see a full list of locations the infected patient visited, read the Full Story.

Autism study: A new study published by the Journal of American Medical Association found no link between autism and the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella. Researchers studied more than 95,000 children over 11 years. The work was funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Working 4 you: Free app warnings

Many of us have smartphone, and we don't just use them to talk on the phone. It's estimated that smartphone users spend 86% of their time using apps, but now experts warn some free apps could be putting your personal information in jeopardy.

According to ABC News, many of the most popular free apps, like flashlight apps, children's games and even bible apps are designed to mine and sell your personal information. And they can get away with it, because you actually agree to it when you download the app.

The permissions that you agree to can give access to things like your location and internet searches, so they can sell that information. Several apps can also gain access to your contacts to spam them.

But even worse are apps created by hackers. These apps embed spyware on your phone, with the purpose of stealing critical information like credit card numbers and banking passwords. That spyware can even be used to record conversations.

4 things to know for April 21

Post Falls robbery: Post Falls police are investigating an armed robbery at Northwest Title Loans yesterday afternoon. Surveillance video captured the robber walking through the front door with a shotgun. Police say he went around the counter and stole some cash. Police say the robber is light skinned with dark hair. He's described as being in his early 20s, about 6 feet tall and 180 pounds. If you have any information, you're asked to call police at 208-773-3517.

North Idaho predator charges: A man accused of preying on Spokane women, stealing from them and raping them is now being charged with similar crimes in North Idaho. Michael McNearney appeared in court to face these new charges last week. Multiple victims say the 25-year-old contacted them online, began a relationship then stole their money. According to court documents, he's accused of raping four women in North Idaho in 2012 and 2013. McNearny will be moved to district court, where he will face seven counts of felony rape, two counts of felony grand theft of financial transaction cards and two counts of felony grand theft by deception.