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Washington State Department of Health warns of Salmonella illness tied to baby birds

Washington State Department of Health warns of Salmonella illness tied to baby birds


At least 39 Washingtonians have reported getting ill from Salmonella bacteria after coming in contact with live poultry in the past three years, according to reports reviewed by disease investigators at the state’s Department of Health. These 39 cases were associated with three separate national Salmonella outbreaks that caused more than 1,200 people to get sick. Contact with live poultry may also have contributed to more than 100 other cases of salmonellosis in our state in the past three years that weren’t associated with any known outbreak.


Spring is the season when many people who have chickens or ducks in backyard flocks buy baby birds. From the time the baby birds arrive at home, children should be supervised carefully to make sure they wash their hands immediately after touching the animals or their environments. Another prevention step is to make sure children don’t snuggle or kiss the young poultry.


Working 4 you: How Facebook can lead to depression

You can ask almost anyone and they'll tell you they have a Facebook page. It's great to stay in touch with friends and family, but like everything it has its drawbacks. 

A new study reveals being on your friends' pages too much could have some serious consequences. The study comes from the University of Missouri. They talked to more than 700 college students and found that checking in on your peers on Facebook can make you think you don't measure up. 

The study found those feelings can first lead to envy and then depression. But it wasn't the casual Facebook user that was at risk. They found the people most vulnerable to this depression are those commonly referred to as "Facebook stalkers." 

Most people can admit to stalking an ex or a friend of a friend. But, the study says if you're constantly checking on your friends' pages, you are more likely to compare your success to theirs. 

And if you find yourself feeling this way, it's probably a good idea to cut back on your time on Facebook. Try deleting the app from your phone and only checking in once a day or so for a short period of time. 

Working 4 you: The benefits of filing taxes early

This is a point that deserves being repeated: get your taxes in early. Filing now instead of procrastinating can help you avoid a lot of headaches.

The biggest benefit of filing early is avoiding tax scams. Hackers only need to get your name and social security number to file a fraudulent return. And getting that return corrected can be quite a hassle. 

Starting now will also give you plenty of time for research. You'll be more likely to avoid red flags that could make you susceptible to an audit. That's especially important this year, as the IRS says a tighter budget means longer wait times to speak with agents on the phone and in offices. 

And if you end up owing money to the government,m filing now gives you more time to budget. The deadline to pay that balance is April 15, but even if you get an extension, filing now gives you more time to prepare. 

But, the best reason of all may be getting your money back, and fast. the IRS says it has paid out $125 billion in refunds to about eight in ten early filers. And the average refund is topping $3100. 

Washington State Patrol uses latest laser technology to quickly clear roadways after an accident


The Washington State Patrol released their newest edition of their Good to Know video series (view above), which features detectives using the latest laser technology to quickly clear roadways after an accident, ensuring driver and officer safety.


According to the WSP, the Trimble Laser Scanner does the work traditionally done by detectives, but in about half the time and with only one operator. The machine scans items at the scene in order to recreate a 3-D version of the surrounding area which helps investigators determine the cause of the collision.


WSP uses the Trimble to reduce road closure time while still conducting a thorough investigation of the incident. The device can also be used at other types of crimes such as homicides, to document the location of important evidence.


Working 4 you: Why you should skip eating out

If you've been looking to get healthier, but aren't sure where to start, nutritionists have one message: cook your own meals. 

Nutritionists say cooking your own food can completely transform your diet. If you want to feel better and have more energy, it all starts in the kitchen. And while there are plenty of excuses to eat out, there's even more to cook at home. 

First, you'll naturally make better choices. Healthy food is more appetizing when you hand select the ingredients and do all the preparation. Instead of being led by hunger and fancy pictures on a menu, you'll more often choose what's good for your body. 

You'll also know what's in every meal. Instead of questioning what's in your food and how much, you'll know everything that went into the preparation. You'll also eliminate the chance of getting food that contains an allergen or ingredient that will make you sick. 

You'll also be more mindful when eating. Nutritionists say when you spend the time preparing a meal, you won't just gorge yourself with food. Instead, you're more likely to savor it and notice when you're full. 

Demetrius Glenn pleads guilty in Shorty Belton murder

Demetrius Glenn, the second suspect in the beating death of WWII veteran Delbert "Shorty" Belton, pleaded guilty Monday morning shortly before jury selection was set to begin for his first-degree murder charge.

Glenn agreed to the deal at the last minute Monday morning, shortly before 100 members of the community were to begin the selection process for the jury pool for Glenn's murder trial. The deal called for him to plead guilty to the murder charge; in return the robbery and conspiracy to commit first degree robbery charges against him were dropped. The sentence for his guilty plea was 16 years in prison.

Glenn, along with his onetime co-defendant, Kenan Adams-Kinard, were charged with the killing of Delbert Belton, 88, who was severely beaten outside the Eagles Ice Arena in August 2013. He succumbed to his injuries hours later at the hospital.

Glenn's attorney, Chris Phelps, said he wanted to take the case to trial; he thought he could show the jury that Glenn, 17, was only guilty of robbing Belton. Glenn, however, did not want to gamble with getting a longer sentence.

Heroin overdoses spike in Spokane

Spokane is seeing an alarming increase in heroin overdoses since the beginning of 2015, according to the Spokane Fire Department and the Spokane Regional Health District.

"I've always been a heroin addict," said Spokane resident Charlie Renshaw, "and I've never seen people dying like they have been this year."

In the past few months, some of Charlie's closest friends have died of heroin overdoses.

"The worst being my friend Sarah and there was Shane, another friend of mine," he said, "everyone in my circle knows who I'm talking about."

It's a problem the Spokane Fire Department has also noticed.

"Our partners at the Fire Department are telling us they're having an increased number of calls for assistance based on heroin overdoses," explained Kim Papich with the Health District.

The overdoses could be a result of new, stronger types of heroin introduced into the community or an overall increase in use.

"Heroin's definitely overtaken Spokane," Charlie said.