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Ten Spokane Snow Days That Beat Records | News

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Ten Spokane Snow Days That Beat Records
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Ten Spokane Snow Days That Beat Records

Some of you probably rushed to your bedroom window this morning to catch a glimpse at what the weather brought us. Nothing. The ground was bare.

Depending on your point of view, Mother Nature either hates or loves Spokane. Snow fall played leap frog over Spokane and dived right into North Idaho where it snowed a few inches.

Thanks to the National Weather Service, we have some statistics that show the snowiest days in recorded history at Spokane International Airport. Some of you may remember these dates like they were yesterday especially the number two and three slot dedicated to December of 2008 when snow turned the city upside down.

1. January 21st, 1954 - 12.7 inches

2. December 17th, 2008 - 12.5 inches

3. December 18th, 2008 - 11.1 inches

4. December 21st, 1951 - 11.1 inches

5. February 19th, 1993 - 11.0 inches

6. January 6th, 1950 - 10.4 inches

7. January 26th, 1969 - 9.8 inches

8. February 25th, 1919 - 9.6 inches

9. November 4th, 1973 - 9.0 inches

10. December 19th, 1895 - 8.9 inches

Something interesting to note. In Seattle, their heaviest snowfall was January 13th, 1950. They received 20 inches of snow. Their second ranked stat was 14.9 inches on January 27th, 1969. After that Spokane beats their snowfall.

Since we’re on the topic of weather, don’t forget to send us some of your weather photos. Brownie points for creativity! We use them online and on our newscasts to help show people what it really looks like all over the Inland Northwest. Email: news4@kxly.com.

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