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Photo Gallery: Congressman Ron Paul Visits Spokane | News

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Photo Gallery: Congressman Ron Paul Visits Spokane
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(Updated 11:10 a.m.) - Republican presidential candidate, Ron Paul, addressed a crowd of 2,577 in downtown Spokane on Friday night, hoping to earn their vote for the upcoming Washington State Republican caucus on March 3rd. The first to arrive lined up outside the convention center doors at 2:30 p.m. waiting for five hours until the doors finally opened. Crowds lined Spokane Falls Blvd. waving signs until for support of the candidate until the last minute. 

Paul says he thought the crowd size was much better than four years ago, two or three times as many people as his previous visit.

He spoke to media after the rally saying the crowd verified one of his many talking points:

"I've always been told this part of the country and this state is very supportive of liberty. I think that was verified tonight," Paul said.

Paul has yet to win a state caucus, always placing in second or third, but he believes he's still in a good race right now. 

"We believe we're doing a very good job even in the states that we don't come out on top on the popular votes," Paul said. "In other states we're going to do well for the delegate vote and that's what really counts for a campaign like this."

If Paul does not make the primary later this year, he says he does not have any intention to run as an independent.

Spokane county treasurer, Rob Chase, started the rally off with brief introductions calling for civic involvement to bring people out to the polls and gain support for Paul. Spokane Valley state Rep. Matt Shea introduced the congressman on stage where he spoke for the next 40 minutes.

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