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Small Crowd Lines Up For New iPad | News

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Small Crowd Lines Up For New iPad
Small Crowd Lines Up For New iPad

In some cities across the world, hundreds of people lined up outside Apple stores to get the newest release of the iPad. In Spokane, only a dozen or so lined up early. At 6:30 a.m., the crowd was minimal with some who been there since midnight, hanging out in their lawn chairs.

The crowd snaked all the way to the North Face store, located next door to the Main Ave. Apple retailer. 

In Seattle, some lined up yesterday evening starting at 7 p.m. The Seattle-Times photographed a group of friends set up in lawn chairs outside the University Village Apple Store with their dog. However, they were buying their iPads for a good cause, hoping to re-sell them for a profit to raise money for a mission trip to South America. 

According to those in Spokane's dismal line, the doors opened around 8 a.m. That's a good thing because that's when it started to rain. The growing crowd of about 50 waiting outside were able to escape the precipitation and obtain their shiny new possessions.

If they had been stuck in the rain for longer, the crowd would have had no other option but to congregate under the entrance to North Face which provides the only shelter to the elements on that street.

Which makes sense because it's the North Face store.


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