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Top Five: Van Halen and Solar Eclipses | News

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Top Five: Van Halen and Solar Eclipses
Top Five: Van Halen and Solar Eclipses

Here's last week's top five stories, listed by popularity. How about that solar eclipse? If you're scratching your head wondering what we're talking about, it's because Spokane got the weather shaft.

During Sunday's eclipse, weather was the pits with clouds covering even the peak of the 72 percent eclipse around 6:18 p.m.

People really wanted to read about the eclipse. Unfortunately the list of viewing locations would have done them no good. If you're willing to wait until 2017, there will be a neat eclipse viewable from Yellowstone that could make for some epic family road trips.

Also on the top five: Van Halen's decades of issues are still issues in 2012 and a Clarkston supply story tested the snark waters as a response to the infamous Walmart snake incident. 

(Updated 10:47 a.m.) - Because of a weird technicallity in Google Analytics, we bumped the photo gallery up to number two. It took a little math to add up the additional views on additional photo pages. 

1. Van Halen cancels all shows after June 26th including Spokane

2. Photo Gallery: U.S. Navy Leap Frogs land in Spokane

3. How to view Sunday's partial solar eclipse

4. Wallace zipline opening soon

5. "Sorry. Out of snake bite kits."




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