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Runners raise hope for Boston, collect shoes for homeless | News

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Runners raise hope for Boston, collect shoes for homeless
Runners raise hope for Boston, collect shoes for homeless

You can run for exercise, run for fun,run to win, or run to clear your mind.A group of runners on Tuesday night in downtown Spokane, ran to make the world a better place.

"When I heard the news it was that moment of, what do I do? This is horrible," Mike Dillard said of watching the news of the Boston Marathon bombings.

The Flying Irish Running Club runs every Thursday, but on Tuesday night they organized an impromptu run for Boston.The club also brought gently used shoes to donate to charities in Spokane in the victims honor. Some members placed flowers in the shoes, and lights that resemble candles.

"We can't help in Boston right now, so let's help in the community," Dillard said.

There weren't many rest breaks along the four-mile route Tuesday. Maybe they're in good shape, or maybe their minds aren't quite clear.

"Shock turns into anger, turns into sadness and frustration," Dillard said of his emotions.

The club and other runners that joined in tried to translate those emotions into shoe donations. Bringing comfort to those who don't have it in their minds, or in their bodies.

"The running community is worldwide, so we are feeling it," Flying Irish President Brendan Dowling said.

The group ran to remember, and gathered to simply do something nice for someone. They want to make the world a better place, when it feels like it's sprinting in the other direction.

"For us to come together and show we can overcome, what came out of yesterday," Dowling said.

The club will collect the shoes everyday throughout the week until Friday. If you'd like to donate gently used shoes, you can drop them off at the runners statues in Riverfront Park anytime, or drop them off at the Runner's Soul store. The shoes will then be donated to the Crosswalk Teen shelter, and Hope House.


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