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No Refusal For Impaired Driving Tests This Weekend | News

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No Refusal For Impaired Driving Tests This Weekend
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No Refusal For Impaired Driving Tests This Weekend

Think twice before you get behind the wheel this weekend. Local law enforcement is implementing a No Refusal weekend June 28th to 30th, meaning officers are ready to get a warrant if drivers pulled over for impaired driving refuse to take a breath test.

“Impaired driving remains a major public safety threat that still claims thousands of lives on our roadways every year,” said Sgt. Tony Meyer, Spokane Police Department. “No Refusal weekends represent one more step in our battle against this scourge.”

During the No Refusal weekend, there are prosecutors and judges on standby ready to sign a blood draw warrant in the event that a driver refuses a breath test. In this area, 25 percent of drivers refuse breath tests.

With the approval of a judge, anyone suspected of impaired driving who refuses a breath test will have to undergo a blood test either on scene or at the nearest medical facility. Law enforcement is doing this to ensure that prosecutors have all the necessary evidence needed to pursue cases involving drunk or impaired driving.

No Refusal weekend is part of the Spokane County Target Zero Task Force, which aims to reduce to number of traffic fatalities to zero by 2030. In 2011, there were 14 fatalities due to impaired driving in Spokane County.  

News, Transportation

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