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4 things to know for April 13

Hillyard shooting: Spokane police are looking into what charges a man could face after he shot himself and another man in Hillyard. Witnesses say the incident began at the Special K Pub & Grill. Trenton Hallam, who was at the bar, told KXLY4 that it started as an argument over a pool game. The two then left the bar and crossed the street to the Panda Express. Officers say that's where the suspect shot himself and the other man. He then threw his gun on the restaurant's roof, where police found it. Both men were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

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Hauser shooting: KXLY4 is working on getting more information on a reported shooting in Hauser, Idaho. The incident happened at the Westside Resort in the 11000 block of N Hauser Lake Rd. According to a neighbor, she and her husband heard a gunshot and ran outside to see what was going on. She says they found a man who had been shot in the stomach. She told KXLY4 that her husband began life-saving measures until paramedics arrived.

Spokane Public Schools cracking down on vaccine law

More than 900 students at Spokane Public Schools could be pulled from class on Monday. The district is cracking down on the state law which requires students to either have proof of vaccinations or fill out a exemption waver.

"We just want to make sure that we do everything that we can to protect the health and follow the law at the same time," Kevin Morrison, the district's spokesperson, said.

This is the first time that the district is enforcing the 6-year-old law. Morrison said after a series of whooping cough, chicken pox and measles outbreaks, the district looked at their standings and took action.

“We took a look at the process that we have and said, 'Okay what's our compliance rate comparatively across the state?' We felt like we could do much better," Morrision said.

Morrison said as of last Friday, 922 of the roughly 30,000 students at the district aren't compliant with the state law. The noncompliance can be for a number of reasons: the parent hasn't filled out the Certificate of Exemption, the parents don't have their child's immunizations records, or the child is running late on getting their shots.

Running Bloomsday? Be prepared

Training for any race takes commitment and discipline. With Bloomsday just a few Sundays away, many people have been training for a couple months, then there are others who keep putting it off.

In just a few weeks, Downtown Spokane is going to be packed with Bloomsday runners.

50,000 thousand people, almost 7.5 miles, and only three weeks left to train for it!

"Don't be nervous at all you've got people all along the course cheering you on," said Barbara Knack, veteran Bloomsday runner.

Each year there are at least a dozen injuries, which can quickly ruin the fun spirit of the day.

If you haven't ran in years, waiting until the day of the race is a bad time to pick up the sport again.

"Just go hit the trail and go out for some walks," Knack advised. "You'd be really surprised on how far you can go."

This will be Knack's 4th Bloomsday. She recommends interval training for those who didn't start the training process weeks ago .

"I will run for four minutes and walk for one, but I started with running for one minute and walking for two," said Knack.

Now is also the perfect time to evaluate your running shoes.

Working 4 you: Healthy skin without the cost

When thinking about keeping your skin young and healthy, you may start thinking about the cost. But dermatologists say, you don't need botox, fillers and lasers. 

Dermatologist Doris Day says it doesn't take a fortune to have healthy looking skin. She says great skin starts on the inside, with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Part of that healthy lifestyle includes regular cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and wearing sunscreen. Day says using sunscreen daily can prevent up to 90% of wrinkles. 

Another essential tool is retinol. Dermatologists say retinols found in big name brands have solid science behind them and are effective and affordable. You can also get them right over the counter. 

Day also recommends that you try doing some daily facial exercises. 

But, just as important as the tools that help your skin are the things that could be damaging your healthy complexion. Day calls these the "skin sabatogers," which include: UV rays, either from the sun or tanning bed, smoking, salt, excess alcohol, allergens in beauty products and eating disorders.

4 things to know for April 10

Elderly sisters attacked: The Spokane County Sheriff's Office is looking for the public's help finding a man who broke into the home of two elderly sisters in Deer Park and attacked them. Deputies say he was wearing only a jacket and a ski mask. Monday night, a man pushed his way into the home of the sisters, touching himself with one hand and shoving one of the women into the chair with the other. She was able to get away and alert authorities through her Life Alert. The suspect got away before deputies arrived. He's described as white, 25 to 35 years old, approximately 5-foot-9 and 140 pounds. Deputies say he may also have red hair. Anyone with information should call Crime Check at 456-2233.

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4 things to know for April 9

Dr. Craig Morgenstern: More evidence has surfaced, leading to 27 new charges of sexual abuse and child pornography against former VA doctor Craig Morgenstern. Prosecutors believe Morgenstern started molesting children as early as 2008. According to the federal indictment, Morgenstern was not only molesting kids in Washington and Idaho, but in Meridian, Miss. as well, where he also had a license to practice medicine. Morgenstern has pleaded not guilty. 

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South Carolina shooting: The police officer charged with murder in South Carolina has been fired from the police force. Michael Slager remains behind bars after video surfaced showing him shooting and killing 50-year-old Walter Scott as the man was running away. The man who recorded the video said before he started recording there was a struggle, but the officer was in control. 

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4 things to know for April 8

Man charged with unlawful imprisonment: Spokane police arrested a man they say grabbed a child in Couer d'Alene Park. Police say 42-year-old Jose Jiminez grabbed an 11-year-old girl by the arm and refused to let her go. When confronted by another adult he ran away. Thanks to a good description from witnesses, police say they were able to arrest Jiminez a short time later at the nearby Rosauers for unlawful imprisonment.

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Officer charged with murder: A South Carolina police officer faces murder charges after a video surfaced that appears to show him shooting an unarmed man who was running away. North Charleston police officer Michael Slager could face life in prison, or the death penalty if convicted. The shooting happened Saturday after a traffic stop. Slager shot 50-year-old Walter Scott. Scott's family is now demanding justice.

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