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STA cameras help show who caused weekend collision

STA cameras help show who caused weekend collision

A crash between an STA bus and a car this weekend was caught by multiple cameras and shows just how dangerous running a red light can be for everyone involved.

At any given movement there are at least eight cameras rolling aboard Spokane Transit Authority buses. The recordings are intended to monitor bad behavior and in some cases, other people's bad driving.

Over the weekend in downtown Spokane a Subaru collided with an STA bus, and eyewitnesses like Theresa Taylor helped investigators determine who was responsible in the crash.

"We were coming down and this green car pulled in front of the bus and we T-boned it," she said.

Taylor's account of the accident is totally accurate, but the bus on-board cameras picked up something else important. The recordings showed the bus had a four second old green light when the Subaru entered the intersection.

"It did appear that inattention was a factor. This green light had been going for quite a while for the STA bus and unfortunately for what ever reason, this gentleman ran the red light and hit the bus," Spokane Police Officer Teresa Fuller said.

New phone scam may be targeting recently widowed

New phone scam may be targeting recently widowed

Spokane Police want to warn citizens about a new scam that appears to be targeting the recently widowed, claiming to be from a life insurance company and requiring money to ensure proper compensation.

Crime Check took the first report on Friday, September 26. The potential victim's husband had died the week before and she received a call from someone claiming to be from an insurance agency where her husband had a policy.

The caller told the widow that the policy payments had not been kept up to date but, if she caught up with the payments, they would be able to ensure she received her life insurance payout from her husband's death. The caller then instructed the woman to get pre-paid cards loaded with cash.

Fortunately, the victim realized the call was a scam and reported it to police. If you receive a call similar to this one, or believe you may have been the victim of a scam, please call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233.

Working 4 you: More hospitals ask for payment upfront

Working 4 you: More hospitals ask for payment upfront

If you're planning any future trips to the hospital, you may want to get your credit card ready before heading into the operating room. That's because hospitals are increasingly asking patients to pay for procedures either upfront, or before they're discharged.

Traditionally, neither patients nor providers knew the exact price of procedures until after the insurer processed the charges, but that's all changing.

New technology is now allowing hospitals to determine a patient's responsibility in advance of treatment.

Hospitals say it's important to discuss the cost as early as possible because patients are facing higher deductibles and larger payments for services. Administrators say many people don't even know what their deductible is.

Officials say Americans are shouldering a greater portion of their health care bills, and medical centers don't want to get stuck paying what their patients can't.

But for those who are worried about footing the bill early, hospitals are providing several options.

Mayor asks for community feedback to mark 1000 days in office

Mayor asks for community feedback to mark 1000 days in office

Spokane Mayor David Condon celebrated his 1000th day in office Saturday, September 27 and he wants to know what you think of his performance so far.

“We've been moving rather quickly and, for some, not quickly enough, to make Spokane safer, stronger and work smarter,” said Mayor Condon during his weekly media briefing Monday morning. “We recognize that there is still a lot of work to do and be done over the years to come and, in doing our work, we have placed a priority on citizen engagement.”

Mayor Condon says the citizens of Spokane have been a great resource for ideas and feedback about the city's priorities, and they want to continue using your input as a guide to future success. For the next two weeks, the city wants you to rate their performance in an online survey.

“We want to know how the community rates our performance; if our work remains aligned to your priorities and where you would like us to direct our attention in the future,” said Mayor Condon.

You can find the survey online at www.spokanecity.org.

Working 4 you: Why you should fix your pets

Working 4 you: Why you should fix your pets

America grew up hearing Bob Barker's reminders to spay and neuter your pets, and veterinarians agree, sterilization is important. But why?

According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are an estimated six to eight million homeless animals entering animal shelters every year. About half of those get adopted, but sadly the other half have to be euthanized.

The primary reason for spaying and neutering your pets is population control. Every year around one million dogs are euthanized, simply because they have no place to go.

And vets say you should get your pets fixed, whether they play inside or outdoors.

But spaying and neutering doesn't only help the population of unclaimed kitties and puppies, most research finds that pets who get sterilized at a young age actually live longer, healthier lives.

Vets say that by spaying or neutering your pets, you can avoid a lot of costly medical complications in the future caused by infections.

Veterinarians say you should get your pets fixed when they are two to six months old.

Working 4 you: How much will America spend on Halloween?

Working 4 you: How much will America spend on Halloween?

Fall is here and that means retailers and shoppers are turning their attention to Halloween. But will consumers be willing to spend as much this year on costumes and candy?

Stores like Target and Walmart are already gearing up for the Holiday. And if you feel like it's just a little too early to get ready for Halloween, you may be surprised to hear that one-third of Americans say they'll be making their holiday purchases before October 1st.

Halloween is the last major retail event before the big holiday rush. It can offer retailers clues on how willing Americans will be to open their wallets, and how stores should approach holiday inventory, discounts and deals.

Many shoppers say the U.S. economy is still weighing heavily on their minds. one in five people say it will make an impact on how they approach holiday spending.

But it may not affect it as much as you'd think.

New numbers from the National Retail Federation show most consumers won't be afraid to spend on Halloween this year.

So, how much will the average American be spending?

Chiefs prepared for home opener

Chiefs prepared for home opener

Saturday night the puck drops at the Arena as the Spokane Chiefs face the Tri-City Americans for their home opener, where the home team will be playing for a very special group of people.

The Chiefs last faced the Americans in Kennewick last weekend, and came home with a 4-2 victory, something they're looking to repeat on the ice at the Arena Saturday night.

"Excited to see some new blood in a Chiefs uniform," Jay Stewart with the Chiefs said Friday morning. "We have got a lot of new elements going on here at the Arena and with the team and to get some new players I think I am pretty excited about that."

At the game Saturday evening the Chiefs plan to honor a special group of fans in the crowd.

"We're going to recognize 27 firefighters out on the ice. They had such a long hard summer and they do so much in the community. It's just our small way of saying thank you to those firefighters," Stewart said.

The Chiefs want the community to come on down to the Arena Saturday not only to catch the game but to help honor our area firefighters. The puck drops at 7 p.m.