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Davenport joining forces with Marriott hotel chain

Davenport joining forces with Marriott hotel chain

The Davenport Hotel Collection will soon be part of a larger hotel franchise as it was announced Thursday the hotels will be partnering with Marriott.

The partnership is with the Marriott Autograph Collection, an international Marriott brand that represents unique upscale and luxury properties.

The hotels will still be distinctively Davenport and nothing about the style or service of the hotels will change. The partnership simply gives the Davenport hotels the opportunity to plug into Marriott's international resources.

The Davenport will now be able to use the Marriott international sales team, online reservation services and Marriott rewards program. Pairing the Davenport hotels with the internationally renowned name of Marrioyt also helps build awareness that Spokane is a destination.

"Spokane needs additional stronger brands, in our city. I think Marriott will certainly help us attract more meeting planners and leisure travelers that want to stay in Marriotts across the country," Matt Jensen, director of sales and marketing for Davenport Hotels, said.

Straub wants new solutions to help people in crisis

Straub wants new solutions to help people in crisis

In the past 48 hours, Spokane County law enforcement agencies have responded to 40 suicide calls, including a man who slashed his own throat, and Police Chief Frank Straub is looking for new ways to get those in crisis the help they need.

To highlight Straub's concern, Thursday morning a man who was suicidal was hoping officers would shoot him.

"That individual stands up and was immediately saying to the officer, 'I was waiting for you guys to show up. I want to die. I'm going to make you kill me,'" Straub said.

The lone officer that was first at the scene at Division and Weile Thursday morning had to keep the man, armed with a knife, away from other people in the area but still had to maintain his distance from the knife. Other patrolmen arrived and one of them used his long range taser on the man.

"He falls to the ground and immediately falls to the ground and slashes his neck several times. Fortunately for us it's not a fatal series of cuts," Straub said.

The man was taken into custody, treated for his injuries at the hospital, and then booked into the Spokane County Jail for first degree assault on a police officer.

Working 4 you: Money saving road trip tips

Working 4 you: Money saving road trip tips

The holiday weekend may be behind us, but there's still plenty of time to get in a summer road trip. But it can be a struggle to hit the road without going over your travel budget.

There's a lot of reasons to take a road trip, but best of all is the flexibility. There's no tickets, no change fees and most important no security lines. But, the extra costs of hitting the highway add up.

Most people think they'll be saving money on the road, but according to experts, most people actually tend to splurge too much.

But first, the good news. Gas prices for the year may have finally peaked.

Drivers paid the highest average for gas price since 2008 over the holiday weekend. But now prices are starting to ease back down. And experts say the prices could keep going down thanks to lowering oil prices.

Even with high gas prices, it may not be the gas that sends travelers over the edge.

Experts say road trippers splurge too much of their money on food. When consumers hit the road, too often their good health habits go by the wayside.

They say it's important to stick to your diet because food is such a big wallet buster.

Interstate Fair hiring 150 employees

Interstate Fair hiring 150 employees

The Spokane County Interstate Fair may feel like it's still a way off, but it will be here sooner than you think and with more than 150 job positions to fill!

Whether you want to work as a ticket taker, clerk or something else all together, they've got the perfect position for everyone.

Anyone interested in applying is required to attend one of two job fairs being held at the Fair and Expo Center next week. Be sure to bring at least two pieces of government-issued identification like your social security card, driver's license or military ID.

The first job fair is Wednesday, July 16 from 4-6 pm. The second is Saturday, July 19 from 8:30-10:30 am, just follow the posted signs to Bay 3.

For more information, contact the Fair and Expo Center Office at (509) 477-1766.


Spokane County Fair and Expo Center

404 N Havana

Spokane Valley, WA

Spokane to host 2015 NCAA Women's Regional

Spokane to host 2015 NCAA Women's Regional

Washington State University and the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena have been selected to host one of four regional sites for the 2015 NCAA Division Women's Basketball Championship.

This marks the fourth time in eight years the Cougars will have hosted a women's regional.

The NCAA has not yet announced the official dates, but has confirmed it will take place over two days from March 27-30.

“We have had great success in hosting past events in Spokane and when the NCAA asked if we could host the 2015 Women's Regional we were happy to do so,” said senior associate director of athletics John Johnson. “Partnering with the tremendous staff at the Spokane Arena and general manager Matt Gibson, along with the Spokane Public Facilities District, we look forward to hosting another tremendous even in 2015.”

In addition to Spokane, the remaining three regional sites are Albany, New York, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Greensboro, North Carolina.

Working 4 you: Study shows benefits of coffee before working out

Working 4 you: Study shows benefits of coffee before working out

Half of Americans say they start their day with a cup of coffee, but your morning joe could be more than just an eye-opener. A new study shows that coffee could help you lose weight.

A new study suggests that if you follow this pattern -- drink coffee first, then hit the gym -- you are more likely to lose more weight.

The study was published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism.

Researchers found that athletes who took in caffeine before their workout burned 15 percent more calories for three hours after they completed their exercise than those who didn't.

But how much caffeine do you need?

They found that this effect kicked in for a 150 pound woman after roughly 300 milligrams of caffeine. That's the amount in a 12 ounce cup of coffee.

But before you brew a whole pot, there is the risk of overdoing it. Dietitians say the maximum amount of caffeine that you should have for enhanced performance is just about the equivalent of 16 ounces of coffee.

And coffee has also been linked to other benefits.

A first-timers guide to legal recreational marijuana

A first-timers guide to legal recreational marijuana

Legal marijuana sales kicked off Tuesday across Washington, including at one of three confirmed stores here in Spokane, with enthusiasts in line hours before opening.

But what about the curious among us who have never taken a puff in our lives, but are ready to give it a try now that it's legal and easily accessible?

“It can be a little alien if it's their first time,” said Green Leaf customer service representative Chad Welsh. “To walk in here and think 'What are these devices?' and 'What is your product all about?'”

A big part of Chad's job is to help guide first-timers through the experience, with tips on the product, how to smoke and what to smoke with. I also spoke with Daniel Wendling, general manager at Piece of Mind and assistant manager at the licensed pot shop Satori just next door, and put together a how-to of sorts for the first time smoker.


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