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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets from politicians | Politics

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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets from politicians

How many times have you tweeted something, noticed a typo, and went back to delete it? Or maybe you thought the tweet wasn’t worded quite as you liked. Maybe you tweeted from the wrong account. Most everyone has had that problem, including politicians.

You might have clicked delete, but the tweets remain. The Sunlight Foundation, a non-profit utilizing online technology to share government information, devised a website, Politwoops, to track tweets from politicians that were soon deleted.

We went through and searched for local Spokane-based politicians in their search engine to see who was included in the database, but it appears only Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is included. The database did not include any regional state senate, represenative, mayoral or city council individuals. 

Rep. Rodgers' deleted tweets were from three months ago and mention her having fun attending the Washington primary and waiting for statewide results. She also thanked a precinct committee officer for participating in the caucus.

Interestly enough, she also deleted a tweet wishing happy birthday to Congressman Doc Hastings of the state’s 4th legislative district.


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