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Jerry of Ben & Jerry's makes a visit to Spokane

Jerry of Ben & Jerry's makes a visit to Spokane

One of the men who gave us the gift of ice cream flavors Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia, and Phish Food will be in Spokane on Monday. Jerry Greenfield, the Jerry of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, will be visiting River Park square with his Scoop Truck.


Greenfield is traveling around Washington to share his support of I-522, which would require mandatory labeling of foods made with GMOs. The man behind the fun ice cream will be talking to customers about why he supports the initiative while handing out coupons for some of his famous flavors.


Jerry Greenfield at River Park Square

  • Monday, September 9th, 3:30pm – 5pm
  • 1st level atrium and 3rd level Ben & Jerry's  

Waldref will host next Council Connection

Waldref will host next Council Connection

From the City of Spokane:

The next edition of “Council Connection,” the cable television program featuring Spokane City Council members as hosts, will be shown live, Thursday, September 5, at 6 p.m. on CityCable 5. Council Member Amber Waldref, District 1, will host the program titled “Supporting New Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization in Spokane.”

The show will feature guests including: Kendall Yards Developer Jason Wheaton and Community Frameworks representative Chris Venn.

“Affordable, diverse and well-maintained housing is vital to the neighborhood vitality and financial sustainability of Spokane,” Waldref explains. “The City needs to encourage a variety of housing types and make it easier to develop quality projects in our targeted centers and corridors.”

Council Member Waldref will accept calls from viewers during the program; the phone number to reach the show is 625-6337.

McMorris-Rodgers to host Town Hall Meeting

McMorris-Rodgers to host Town Hall Meeting

U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris-Rodgers will host her annual Town Hall Meeting in Spokane on Wednesday, August 21st at the Lincoln Center.


The forum will allow 5th Congressional District Residents to ask questions and hear responses from McMorris-Rodgers regarding legislative and economic issues in Eastern Washington. The Congresswoman has also invited residents who can't attend the event to ask questions via her Facebook page.


McMorris-Rodgers Town Hall Meeting

  • Wednesday, August 21st, 6pm
  • The Lincoln Center
  • 1316 N. Lincoln St. Spokane, WA

Councilman Snyder Hosts Second Mobile Office

Councilman Snyder Hosts Second Mobile Office

City Councilman Jon Snyder will be hosting a mobile office on Friday at the Scoop on Spokane's South Hill.

This is Councilman Snyder's second mobile office this year, the last was on May 8th and was at The Shop in the South Perry District. The event allows people living in District 2 the opportunity to meet with Snyder in a more casual setting and voice their questions and concerns about the city.

“The more time I spend in City Hall the less I can do my job,” Snyder said about why he does the mobile office events.

Councilman Snyder represents District 2, which included the South Hill, Browne's Addition, Peaceful Valley, the Downtown Core are and parts of East Central.

Jon Snyder Mobile Office

  • Friday, June 28th, 1:30pm-2:30pm
  • The Scoop, 1001 W. 25th Ave.
  • No reservation needed

Amber Waldref to Host Fourth Mobile Office

Amber Waldref to Host Fourth Mobile Office

Citizens get a chance to discuss the issues of Spokane with City Council member Amber Waldref, who will have a mobile office event at Outlaw Café on Wednesday, June 19th from 12 to 1pm.

Waldref, who is currently being challenged for her City Council seat by candidate Mark Hamilton, represents District 1 that encompasses Northeast and East Central Spokane.

The event is located at 5012 North Market St. and citizens can walk in and find a seat to get their voice heard.

This is the fourth mobile office that Waldref has held this year as part of the monthly activity to connect with the Spokane community.

Mayor To Host Telephone Town Hall Meeting

Mayor To Host Telephone Town Hall Meeting

Spokane residents will be able to be get informed on the developing 2014 budget at a Telephone Town Hall meeting hosted by Mayor David Condon on Wednesday at 6pm


Residents can call in from 6 to 7pm at the toll-free number 888-409-5380, to ask Mayor Condon questions about the budget and give other input. The city will also send out thousands of calls asking residents if they would like to participate in the meeting.


“Our intention is to provide citizens with information early and throughout the process of developing the 2014 budget,” Condon said. “Last year’s budget approach taught us a lot about how to provide citizens more information earlier and help the public participate in the process.”


This will be the first of many opportunities for Spokane citizens to voice their opinions on budget and other concerns including community presentations by members of the Mayor’s cabinet and neighborhood council meetings. There are no specific dates yet for these events.


Nethercutt announces Citizenship Tournament

The George Nethercutt Foundation announced on Thursday that they will be holding a Citizenship Tournament in the fall of 2013.


The tournament will feature self-paced activities that test student's knowledge of U.S. history, current events, economics, government and foreign policy. It is open to students in grades four, eight and twelve.


“I wanted to have the input of young people in policy making,” explains George Nethercutt about why he started his foundation back in 1996. He goes on to say that this tournament is a great opportunity to show students what it's like to participate in the civic life.


Nethercutt describes the tournament challenges as being things that will encourage students to be “more immersed in government”. The first round tasks could include things like interviewing a veteran, attending a city council meeting or writing a letter to the editor or to their congressman to see what response they get.