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Serving Up Alligator in Spokane | Restaurants

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Serving Up Alligator in Spokane
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Serving Up Alligator in Spokane

(Updated 2:29 p.m.) - In some parts of the country, serving alligator meat in a thing. From personal experience, I can recall a BBQ off the side of some random highway in Florida that serves it up fried.

The chicken-like meat is available in Spokane at Huckleberry's according to the SpoCool blog. Why does that not surprise us? They even have elk, buffalo, quail and duck, in their freezers there.

If you've ever wanted to know how to cook it up for the family, there are a couple recipes online that could be decent for the dinner table. Food Network's website has 16 recipes for alligator including a "General Tso's Gator Alligator" and apparently there's a woman named Patty who has famous 'gator' recipes in Florida.

We also learned of some local uses of alligator. Chef David Blaine, Latah Bistro, says Downriver Grill will be cooking up alligator "nuggets" for Mardi Gras. He also informed us of an Idaho alligator farm where he's served up some of the meat before. 

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Restaurants, Weird

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