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Game Donations Not Uncommon for UGM

Game Donations Not Uncommon for UGM

A yearling moose was shot by law enforcement because of the injuries it sustained after it was struck by an SUV early Tuesday morning. The meat will be donated to the Union Gospel Mission and this is the second one they have received this week.


Russell MacKenzie, the Food Services Director at UGM, says that's fairly common for the mission to receive donations of game. Half of the moose they received today is already butchered and because of it's size will be ground. The kitchen typical turns game meat into stew or chili and MacKenzie says the men of UGM love it.


UGM receives most of it's game donations from the Inland Northwest Wild Life Council who has a committee that recovers animals that have been hit or injured. While the Wild Life Council wasn't a part of Tuesday's donation they do provide most of the donations.


Taima the Hawk trains, lives in Spokane

Taima the Hawk trains, lives in Spokane


Little-known fact: A key member of the Seahawks resides in the Spokane area.

Taima the Hawk, the 7-year-old African Augur Hawk that leads the team out of the tunnel before every home game, makes David Knutson's Spokane farm home.

Knutson, a master falconer, attends every Seahawk home game, training camp, organized team activity and team event east of the Cascades – logging “at the very least” 65,000 miles during that span.

Knutson's work with Taima (pronounced: TAY-ma) starts long before the regular season because the bird needs to be prepared for the thousands of people touching him and the array of stimuli that could startle an untrained bird.

Dirty Dash registration opens

Dirty Dash registration opens


The popular Dirty Dash opened registration today for the 2013 “race” to be held at Riverside State Park on July 13.

Loyalty registration, which runs until Jan. 30, costs only $35. After that the price to sign up steadily rises the closer we get to the event.

“Resolve to make 2013 your dirtiest yet and we guarantee to make that happen for you in one unforgettable morning of feasting on filth, groveling through grime, delighting in dirt, and wallowing in mud rather than self-pity,” a news release from Dirty Dash said.

Sign up at thedirtydash.com.

Fools float the river for 20th straight New Year

Fools float the river for 20th straight New Year


How did you spend your New Year's Day? Napping away a hangover on the couch, pretending to watch football?

That kind of afternoon sounds foolish to the group of rafters who floated the Spokane River on Tuesday. The Northwest Whitewater Association celebrated the 20th Annual Only Fools Float the River on the First the only way they knew how – by eschewing a day at home and getting onto the water despite the air being only 22 degrees when they launched.

“If you're a boater, you take every chance to get on the water,” Bruce Bernhardt said.

More than 30 people attended the event with more than 20 boats on the water.

“This is more exciting” than watching football, said Pat Keegan before launching.

Top 10: Instagram photos of #Spokane

Here’s this week’s selection of Spokane photos taken by the Instagram community. To start it off, chalk art that still confirms that it is summer in Spokane in case you can’t tell. Some people in the area retreat to the river, some to their cell phones to take pictures of glorious sunsets. Sometimes it's the same sunset taken by different people in different parts of Spokane.

How was your week in the Inland Northwest? A lot of traffic and construction stories are building up in the community. Some schools are getting sidewalks and some neighborhoods really want their traffic calming projects.

Speaking of those projects, we uploaded a document showing all the submitted applications from neighborhoods this year for traffic calming projects. You can see what was submitted for your neighborhood.

Want to participate in next week’s photo gallery? Here’s how: Once a week we go through and select ten photos that we think show off the region in all its glory. To select them, we search the #Spokane tag on Instagram through Storify. Your photo could appear in this weekly slide show.

Time-Lapse: Golden Hour Along the Spokane River

Spokane needs more eye candy. Here's a time-lapse of the Spokane River down by the Looff Carrousel. We were sent this video by Silly Goose Films who put together the time-lapse taken during the prized golden hour.

We've never seen so many seagulls in a one minute time frame. He shoots with a GoPro with photos taken ever second.

If you're in an office setting, monitor your speakers. There's loud music. We just blasted it by accident for everyone in the newsroom to hear.

Top Ten: Instagram Shots of #Spokane [62212]

On Monday, we were following coverage of a man biting an ambulance driver and a north Spokane park that just installed a new trail head. On Tuesday, we're racing to the scene to gather information regarding two deputies shot following a traffic stop.

You don't wake up that morning expecting to cover that story, but you hope to be prepared for anything that could happen.

Thankfully it's Friday though, the start of the weekend for some, which means a new selection of photos showcasing Spokane and all it's beauty and unique visuals. Take the time to share with us how your week was in the comments below.

Once a week we go through and select ten photos that we think show off the region in all its glory. To select them, we search the #Spokane tag on Instagram through Storify. Your photo could appear in this weekly slide show. With the app, Instagram, all you need to do is take a photo, assign a filter and add the #Spokane tag to the photo description. Please take note that these photos are not listed in any particular order.