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Photo Gallery | Photo Gallery: U.S. Navy Leap Frogs land in Spokane

With the wind just right, a team of three parachute team members jumped out of a C-130 hurtling toward the Earth on Wednesday evening. The United States Navy Leap Frogs started upwind almost two miles away to reach their drop site in the Riverfront Park Lilac Bowl. They dropped 4,500 feet, landing to a crowd of curious onlookers, families and cub scouts hoping for a moment with Navy Seals.

Once opened, the parachute slows them down about 20-30 mph during the jump. As they come in for a landing, their speed is about 40-60 mph as they touch the ground. This was the third jump on Wednesday. They already jumped at Coeur d'Alene and Central Valley High School earlier that day.

Team chief Brad Woodard says the wind at the park was just perfect.

"That's the things we have to deal with, especially with the buildings. As you come down in the different elevations, the winds can change," Woodard said.

Motioning toward the downtown buildings, Woodard added: "It's calm here, but windy up there. The wind died just as they came down here."

Video: Reporter Annie Bishop was also at the Lilac Bowl as the Leap Frogs landed. That story is also online, check it out.

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