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Photo Gallery | Photo Gallery: Comparing the Current Legislative Districts to the Proposed Final Plan

These are the proposed changes to the Washington State redistricting for legislative districts. To view the changes, simply progress in the photo gallery to find your area and see what changes would affect you. 

When the final plan boundaries (in some shape or form) are accepted by the legislature, if the changes affect you, you'll notice the difference during the August primary and November general election. You'll have different candidates to vote for. To learn who will be representing you if these changes are passed, check out the Washington State Legislature's "Find Your Legislator" map. 

Spokane County auditor, Vicki Dalton, said the redistricting will not affect the upcoming caucuses. Residents who find themselves in new districts will stick with their old district.

The images are a little hard to read, but also available is a detailed map of the current district and the proposed final draft.

3rd District Legislators 

  • Senator Lisa Brown (D)
  • Rep. Andy Billig (D)
  • Rep. Timm Ormsby (D)

4th District Legislators

  • Senator Mike Padden (R)
  • Rep. Larry Crouse (R)
  • Rep. Matt Shea (R)

6th District Legislators

  • Senator Michael Baumgartner (R)
  • Rep. Kevin Parker (R)
  • Rep. John Ahern (R)

7th District Legislators

  • Senator Bob Morton (R)
  • Rep. Shelly Short (R)
  • Rep. Joel Kretz (R)

9th District Legislators

  • Senator Mark Schoesler (R)
  • Rep. Susan Fagan (R)
  • Rep. Joe Schmick (R)

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