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Bart Mihailovich
Spokane Riverkeeper

Bart defends the Spokane River from pollution and advocates for clean water protection as the Spokane Riverkeeper. Spokane Riverkeeper is a licensed member of Waterkeeper Alliance, the fastest growing environmental movement in the world, with 200 Keepers worldwide. Bart was hired as Riverkeeper in 2010 after five years of operating “Down To Earth”, an environmental news blog and website in Spokane. Bart brought his experience as a skilled communicator and social media organizer to Riverkeeper, creating a strong blog, “A Living River”, a strong social media presence, and has continued a public affairs radio show that he has done on local community radio for over three years. Born and raised in Butte, Montana, Bart has always been around rivers, and from a young age cultivated a sense of ecological and social justice in relation to clean water. Bart holds a bachelors degree in journalism from Eastern Washington University.

You can connect with Bart on Twitter at @BartMihailovich and @SpokaneRiverKpr